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Let’s Face it – Linseed Oil Needs Help!

By Kendall Smith, Induron Sales Rep

Let’s face it: when you’re trying to overcoat aged, failing coatings, badly weathered galvanized steel or even rusted carbon steel, linseed oil as a barrier coating needs all the fortification it can get.

Granted, modified linseed oil provides maximum wetting and penetration properties, as well as minimum curing stresses and disruption of the existing coating. But by itself, as a barrier coating, it would not hold out long against the elements (wind, rain, salt fog, sun, etc.).

So how do you get maximum barrier protection out of one high-build coat of modified linseed oil? Ask for it in the specification!

One purpose of a coatings specification is to be specific about what you want. High-build, properly pigmented linseed oil coatings have been providing excellent corrosion protection for 50 years when pigmented with functional pigments that provide an effective shield or barrier. Historically, once lead pigments were removed, those barrier properties have been best achieved with combinations of metallic zinc dust and other lamellar pigments, such as micaceous iron oxide and leafing aluminum.

When zinc is not used as galvanic protection (and at any concentration below 83 percent, it does NOT), it is best supplemented with platy-type pigments that orient themselves parallel with the substrate and overlap. These lamellar pigments align themselves much like mica. This lamellar formation creates a difficult pathway for the elements of corrosion to migrate through the system, and stops them from camping out on the vulnerable substrate, where corrosion cells will form and develop into pitting corrosion if moisture, salts and other corrosion inducers are left for any time at all.  Continue reading Let’s Face it – Linseed Oil Needs Help!

Partners in Values

By Barry Peters, Induron Customer Service Manager

Southeastern Freight Award for InduronInduron is proud to have received the Award of Distinction as a Top 25 Customer for 2012 by Southeastern Freight Lines. This award is an acknowledgement of the amount of products shipped in 2012, which was a very good year for Induron.

But to me, what’s more important than this award is that we, as a company, get to do business with another company that shares our values. At the bottom of the award, it says, “For loyalty, character and integrity in the spirit of true partnership.” This is similar to Induron’s core values: “integrity, respect, reliability and innovation.” Continue reading Partners in Values

What does “value” mean to you?

Jeff White, Induron Sales Manager
By Jeff White, Induron Sales Manager

Don’t we all want to get the best value for anything we purchase? Whether it’s a big expense like a new vehicle, or something as small as a haircut to make us look our best (I unfortunately don’t have much use for that service), we all want to get value in everything we buy.

So what determines the “best value” for a coatings project? At Induron, our mission statement is “Reliable Protection Through Innovative Coatings.” We believe we are the best value provider for coatings in our markets.


I think it goes without saying – in our focus markets, we wouldn’t even be in the game if we didn’t provide the highest quality products at competitive prices.

So how do we differentiate ourselves? With the experience and knowledge of our people.

More than 70 percent of our sales force has invested in obtaining a NACE Coatings Inspector Certification. Add to that the fact that our sales team has an average of 20+ years in the coatings industry, and you realize that they are a great resource for engineers and owners trying to protect their assets from corrosion.     Continue reading What does “value” mean to you?

Meet the Induron Family: Barry Peters

Barry Peters, Induron Customer Service ManagerBarry Peters is both the face and voice of Induron to most of our valued customers. As the Customer Service Department Manager, Barry works with customers to ensure that orders are met correctly and in a timely fashion. He also answers a multitude of technical product and application questions. Additionally, he works with employees in Induron’s manufacturing department to streamline the flow of goods and facilitate shipping.

“We’re a small company, so service is really important,” he says. “We try to offer our customers the best service available, and develop relationships with them. We have to be personal, and understand their needs.

“We want to be considered a true partner to all our customers.”

Barry has been in the paint business for more than 20 years. He started with Induron (which was then called Indurall) in 1989 as a store manager, and then became an area manager in charge of half a dozen retail stores. During Induron’s transition from retail to strictly industrial, Barry became our company’s very first Customer Service Department Manager. After a stint with a friendly competitor from 2000 to 2010, Barry returned to Induron, and has played an integral part in the overall improvement of morale since.

Now that Induron has expanded internationally, Barry’s duties overseeing the shipping department have grown. “Shipping has become a big part of my job, since we’re sending products to Canada, Mexico and Central and South America,” he says. Continue reading Meet the Induron Family: Barry Peters