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Meet our New Customer Service Manager: Brenton Conner

Brenton ConnerIn preparation for our Customer Service Manager’s retirement, we welcomed Brenton Conner to the Induron team almost 3 months ago to work alongside Barry Peters and learn the tricks of the trade. Brenton will be taking on a range of responsibilities, including taking orders from customers, writing up orders and bills of lading, completing cycle counts in the warehouse, managing batch tickets, making adjustments to inventory, checking color matches, monitoring shipments and more. 

We are thrilled to officially introduce Brenton as our new Customer Service Manager. Learn more about Brenton in the Q&A below.  Continue reading Meet our New Customer Service Manager: Brenton Conner

“To Everything There is a Season, and a Time to every Purpose Under Heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

By: Barry Peters, Retiring Induron Customer Service Manager

When Davies Hood asked me to pen a recap, summation or a farewell, if you will, of my times here at Induron Coatings, it was difficult to choose a tone or theme to use. Continue reading “To Everything There is a Season, and a Time to every Purpose Under Heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

A Tribute to Barry Peters

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

Barry Peters is one of the best “hires” that I have ever made as a manager. For anyone who has ever been responsible for hiring and firing people, that statement says A LOT! 

With a heavy heart, from both a personal and professional side, I would like to wish Barry a healthy, happy and long retirement. I first met Barry back in 1987 in the old Indurall Southside Paint Store located on 24th & 7th Avenue South on a Saturday afternoon. He was working by himself back in the warehouse when my father (owner of the company at the time) and I walked in and made ourselves comfortable behind the counter with a couple of cold Coca-Cola’s. Barry walked back into the retail part of the building to see two unknown faces behind the counter — a place they shouldn’t be. He immediately sized us up and, in his most authoritative voice, asked if he could help us. Knowing we were unrecognized as co-workers, we immediately introduced ourselves and effusively apologized. However, that first impression left an indelible image of someone who has always done-the-right-thing when presented with a surprise or a challenge. Continue reading A Tribute to Barry Peters

The Limp Blimp

By: Jeff White, Induron Sales Representative

There are times when life is stranger than fiction. Pictured below is a funny story from Induron’s history. Barry Peters, our Customer Service Department Manager, is a great storyteller. Recently, he fessed up to this during one of our conversations. I have been at Induron for 17 years and no one has ever brought it up. The incident occurred in 1992-1993. Make sure to take note of the clandestine operation that it took to recover the “Indurall Blimp.” I hope you are as entertained by it as I am! The article reads: Continue reading The Limp Blimp

Meet the Induron Family: David Gilliland

David GAs Induron’s Customer Service Technician, David Gilliland is a vital part of the Induron family, and we thought it’d be nice to share a little bit about what makes David who he is. Customer Service Department Manager, Barry Peters said it was evident from the start of David’s employment that he’d be an integral part of Induron’s customer service department.

“David came to us understanding the importance of relationship between a supplier and a customer,” Barry said. “His work ethic and attitude lent itself to exactly what we work towards, total service to our customers. David typifies the key components of our mission statement, ‘Integrity, Respect and Reliability.’”

To learn more about David, check out the Q&A with him below! Continue reading Meet the Induron Family: David Gilliland

Technology vs. the Old Fashioned Way

By Barry Peters

In today’s business climate with cell phones, email and all the other technological advances that allow for immediate communication, it’s considered a desirable trait to be on the “cutting edge.” These “gadgets” supposedly enhance the customer’s overall experience. In my capacity as Customer Service Manager at Induron, I have found some truths that seem to confound these technologies. Continue reading Technology vs. the Old Fashioned Way

A Humble Abode for Bug’s Bass Boat

By Barry Peters, Shipping Supervisor/Customer Service

Try saying that blog post title five times fast!

In the industrial coatings industry, we are consumed daily with protection, durability, longevity and all the performance characteristics associated with coatings in situations that are less than ideal.

But every once in a while, a situation comes along that causes us to say, “Wow, that’s a good looking coating.” This project reflects just such an instance. Continue reading A Humble Abode for Bug’s Bass Boat

Partners in Values

By Barry Peters, Induron Customer Service Manager

Southeastern Freight Award for InduronInduron is proud to have received the Award of Distinction as a Top 25 Customer for 2012 by Southeastern Freight Lines. This award is an acknowledgement of the amount of products shipped in 2012, which was a very good year for Induron.

But to me, what’s more important than this award is that we, as a company, get to do business with another company that shares our values. At the bottom of the award, it says, “For loyalty, character and integrity in the spirit of true partnership.” This is similar to Induron’s core values: “integrity, respect, reliability and innovation.” Continue reading Partners in Values

Meet the Induron Family: Barry Peters

Barry Peters, Induron Customer Service ManagerBarry Peters is both the face and voice of Induron to most of our valued customers. As the Customer Service Department Manager, Barry works with customers to ensure that orders are met correctly and in a timely fashion. He also answers a multitude of technical product and application questions. Additionally, he works with employees in Induron’s manufacturing department to streamline the flow of goods and facilitate shipping.

“We’re a small company, so service is really important,” he says. “We try to offer our customers the best service available, and develop relationships with them. We have to be personal, and understand their needs.

“We want to be considered a true partner to all our customers.”

Barry has been in the paint business for more than 20 years. He started with Induron (which was then called Indurall) in 1989 as a store manager, and then became an area manager in charge of half a dozen retail stores. During Induron’s transition from retail to strictly industrial, Barry became our company’s very first Customer Service Department Manager. After a stint with a friendly competitor from 2000 to 2010, Barry returned to Induron, and has played an integral part in the overall improvement of morale since.

Now that Induron has expanded internationally, Barry’s duties overseeing the shipping department have grown. “Shipping has become a big part of my job, since we’re sending products to Canada, Mexico and Central and South America,” he says. Continue reading Meet the Induron Family: Barry Peters