Project Spotlight: Northern Kentucky Water District Tank Rehabilitation

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By: Rob Burckley, Induron Sales Representative The Northern Kentucky Water District recently undertook a significant rehabilitation project involving two large water storage tanks. The project was managed by Semper Fi with engineering oversight by Dixon Engineering. This extensive project faced numerous challenges, including a tight timeframe and a comprehensive list of repairs.

STI-SPFA Annual Meeting Recap

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By: Joey Thomas, Induron Business Development Manager As the leading representative of the steel tank industry, STI SPFA is largely made up of fabricators, erectors, and supplier companies of steel tanks as well as other specialty steel fabricated products. Induron is proud to be an affiliate member of this organization and continues to remain very … Read More

Transmission Economics

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By: Andy Odorzynski, Induron National Sales Manager This week it was announced that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued new guidelines on how the power grid must be scaled aggressively to accommodate the demands of the future. This new guidance should ensure funding is available to connect green energy sources, like wind and solar … Read More

Rehabilitating a 500,000-Gallon Leg Water Tank in Park Forest, IL

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By: Rob Burckley, Induron Technical Sales and Service Representative Water tanks often require rehabilitation due to various factors that affect their structural integrity and functionality over time. One key reason is corrosion, which can occur due to the exposure of tank materials to water and environmental elements, leading to deterioration of the tank’s surface and … Read More

Completing Circles: Visiting the Continental Gin Company’s Facility

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By: Davies Hood, Induron President  Four years ago, Induron had the opportunity to provide the coatings materials for an epic water tank rehabilitation project in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. Not only was this cone-top water tank repainted by a noteworthy Graffiti artist Shep Fairley with materials that were all delivered and applied … Read More