The Story of The REAL Santa Claus

By: David Hood, Induron CEO

As the Christmas season begins, I enjoy reminiscing on the special memories and traditions that the holidays hold. One of my favorite Christmas memories is my dad dressing up as Santa Claus and bringing joy to the Birmingham community. Continue reading The Story of The REAL Santa Claus

Induron Holiday Traditions

Now that December is in full swing, we’re getting excited for the holidays! As you know, family is important to us at Induron. We love our Induron family and spending time together at work during the holidays, but we also love hearing about the traditions and memories our team has with their own families at home. Here are some of the Induron family’s favorite holiday traditions and memories: Continue reading Induron Holiday Traditions

Induron Launches New Premium Epoxy Primer

Induron is excited to announce the launch of its newest product, CeramaPrime Epoxy Primer. With this product, Induron distilled the proven and unmatched performance qualities of our high-build ceramic epoxy linings into a thin-film ceramic epoxy primer. CeramaPrime Epoxy Primer is formulated to offer an array of benefits, including: Continue reading Induron Launches New Premium Epoxy Primer

Coated in Customer Service

By: John Bray, UL guest blogger

Finding success in any competitive market involves quality products that help you stand out from the competition, successful marketing campaigns to draw attention, and a deep understanding of the industry. Of course, all of this can mean very little without customer service to back it up. That’s why Induron focuses heavily on service and, since its founding, has prioritized customer relationships. Continue reading Coated in Customer Service

Cost vs. Price in Selection of a Floor Coating

By: Ron Bouthillier, Induron Sales Representative

In an age where most things are driven by price, often the cost is not factored in. Price is the dollar amount that you pay for a product or service. While the cost may include the price, cost includes value, effort, material, incurred risk and the delivery of goods. Continue reading Cost vs. Price in Selection of a Floor Coating

Induron Sponsors the 2nd Annual Contractor Connect

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

Last November, I drove down to The Grand Hotel in Fairhope, Alabama not knowing what to expect from the inaugural Contractor Connect meeting that Induron agreed to sponsor. Hosted by The Journal of Protective Coatings & Linings (JPCL), PaintSquare and Paint Bid Tracker, Contractor Connect is a three-day “Hosted Buyer” event for the protective and marine coatings industry that brings together qualified buyers (contractors) and sellers (suppliers) through a variety of networking activities and prescheduled individual meetings. As it turns out, I enjoyed last year’s meeting so much that I: Continue reading Induron Sponsors the 2nd Annual Contractor Connect

Tips for Cold-Weather Coatings

By: Tom Wunderlin, Induron Sales Representative

With the cold weather months approaching, contractors, owners, engineers and others often believe that paint and coatings projects must wait until the weather warms up. False! Continue reading Tips for Cold-Weather Coatings

Meet the Newest Member of the Induron Team: Tom Wunderlin

We’re excited to welcome Tom Wunderlin to the Induron team! His extensive industry experience and passion for solving problems and helping others make him an excellent addition to the Induron family. To learn a little more about Tom, check out this Q&A. Continue reading Meet the Newest Member of the Induron Team: Tom Wunderlin

Why is Induron’s Culture Special?

By: David Hood, Induron CEO

In June of 1969, I joined Induron after 4 years of engineering studies at Vanderbilt, 4 years of experience in aircraft structural analysis and earning a master’s degree in Business Administration from Georgia State. Continue reading Why is Induron’s Culture Special?