Completing Circles: Visiting the Continental Gin Company’s Facility

By: Davies Hood, Induron President 

Four years ago, Induron had the opportunity to provide the coatings materials for an epic water tank rehabilitation project in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, Texas.

Not only was this cone-top water tank repainted by a noteworthy Graffiti artist Shep Fairley with materials that were all delivered and applied from an aerosol can (extremely unique in the water tank market!), but this tank repaint was also recognized by “The Journal of Protective Coatings & Linings” as one of the nation’s Top Projects of 2021. 

However, this water tank is extra special to Induron Coatings, and to me personally, because it is located at the Continental Gin Company’s facility in Dallas, which was restored in 2018 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places because they stand as “A substantial and intact example of Industrial Architecture around the turn of the 20th Century.” 

Believe it or not, Continental Gin Company was started in 1899 in Birmingham, AL. When Induron Coatings was formed in 1947 our first (and current) manufacturing facility was purchased from the Continental Gin Company. Additionally, the founder of Continental Gin was Robley Munger, who is my step-great grandfather and step-father of one of Induron’s founders, William E. Hood (my grandfather). It is a small world after all!

Earlier this week, I was in Dallas to attend the annual Guild CPO conference and to witness the recent lunar eclipse in the “Zone of Totality.” I had a little free time one afternoon and decided to walk down to Deep Ellum to check on the condition of the rehabilitated water tank. I’m pleased to report that the paint was still in excellent shape! Plus, I learned about the history of the Continental Gin Company and my step-Great Grandfather, Robley Munger from a plaque located at this tank site.

In case you weren’t able to connect the dots in my story, let me summarize: The Continental Gin Company and Robley Munger helped birth Induron Coatings many years ago. The fact that we had the opportunity to play a part in the rehabilitation of the Continental Gin Company’s facility in Deep Ellum a few years ago brings the story full circle. Like the earth, moon and sun, completing circles is really cool!

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