Storage Tank Maintenance | Preventative care keeps water safe.
Davies Hood, president of Induron Coatings in Birmingham, AL, explains shelf life and costs of the various types of tanks. Welded steel tanks utilizing modern construction methods have no predetermined “shelf life,” he says.

The Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets 7 Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out In A Crowd Of Competitors
In a world where the competition regularly claims to be #1, it’s difficult to differentiate and build your own identity. Difficult, but not impossible. Look at big brands like Pepsi, KFC and Zara. They have built their brand identities to command a large share of the market.

10 Tips to Improve that Boring Business Blog
You’re running a business and you’re not just writing a blog for fun. You would like to generate more leads and gain more clients so you earn more income.

Give Your Business A Brand New Look
A fresh coat of paint can completely change the look and mood of an interior space, whether it be a sprawling mansion or an industrial warehouse. Industrial painters affix durable coats of long lasting pigment to an array of surfaces, such as steel, concrete and plastic. In many cases, these surfaces must be primed and prepared extensively before any paint can be applied, which is what makes industrial painting somewhat unique. If high quality industrial paint from a reputable supplier such as Induron is utilized, the results can last up to several decades.

How We Can Improve Our Willpower
Willpower is something that a good portion of society lacks. In some cases, it is lack of support to achieve goals and succeed. For others, it could be that they feel undervalued. There has to be something to look forward to in order for your willpower to improve which also improves efficiency and productivity.

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Induron Protective Coatings looks to Latin America for opportunity
Third-generation family-owned Induron Protective Coatings is looking at new sales in Latin America after participating in a trade mission in September. Exporting is important to the Birmingham-based company. “If Induron is going to remain a family-owned business for another generation, we really need to be targeting international markets,” said CEO Davies Hood.
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Attracting New Lessees With New Floor
It seemed like an easy enough project: Recoat an existing 2,600-square-foot (241.5 m²) pockmarked floor. And indeed it was, except for the extremely stringent codes and directives from the client, a pharmaceutical company that wishes not to be named. Russ Law, owner of Law’s Custom Floors in Desoto, Missouri, was one of a handful of coatings installers qualified for the job.
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Aqua Pennsylvania’s Bensalem Composite Elevated Tank is the company’s first annual Tank of the Year winner

Induron Protective Coatings, an industrial pioneer of ceramic epoxy coatings for high performance systems and potable water immersion, announced today that Russell Hicks has joined the company as Coatings Sales Consultant. In his new role, Hicks will lead sales and focus on the firm’s water industry ventures in the company’s key market of Texas.
Kuehl will provide water system consulting services and manage paint crews to ensure project schedules and city budgets are met on a timely basis. Kuehl will also oversee the technical applications as well as manage the sales process and project specifications in Midwest markets.
Induron Protective Coatings is pleased to announce that PE-70, the company’s premier industrial epoxy coating, complies with the California Air Resource Board (CARB) limit for VOC of less than 250 g/l.
Tex Enoch was recognized by the Pennsylvania section of the American Water Works Assoc. (PA AWWA) because of the dedicated service that he has provided to the water industry throughout his professional career.
Induron is honored to have been selected as a finalist for the prestigious Alabama Manufacturer of the Year award, which honors companies in our state who excel in the areas of leadership, performance, profitability and work force relations. The award was given by The Business Council of Alabama and the Alabama Technology Network.
Induron Coatings is proud to introduce Induratar, a new single-component, moisture-cured coal tar urethane coating fortified with micaceous iron oxide, which can extend the T&D painting season.
Induron Protective Coatings, an industrial pioneer of ceramic epoxy coatings for high performance systems and potable water immersion, announced today that John Bickel has joined the company as a leader in Engineering Sales.
Induron Protective Coatings, an industrial pioneer of ceramic epoxy coatings for high performance systems and potable water immersion, announced today that the company has released new product offerings, Ceramapure PL 90 and Indurethane 6600 LC, to service the water and sewage industries.