By: Paul Powers, Induron Mid-Central Regional Manager

Swimming Pool CoatingsI think most people here in the Midwest would tell you one of their favorite times of the year is “Pool Time!” You know, those days around Memorial Day that run till the weather breaks at the end of summer. My childhood memories are popping in my head as I write this. But there is an entire other dimension that goes into preparing and maintaining these basins for an aesthetically-pleasing, safe pool environment before all those “smiles” jump in the water.

Why swimming pools need protective coatings 

I used the word BASIN to bring your thoughts out of your memories, and in to the reality of what a pool really is. A concrete or metal basin, containing a chemically treated solution of water. Chlorine is added to swimming pools to disinfect the water, kill bacteria and harmful microorganisms and to eliminate algae, also to oxidize other contaminants, such as dirt and chloramines (among other chemicals designed to adjust water quality levels). So, what we have here is more complex than most would think, and it takes a highly qualified applicator and a very high performing lining system to successfully protect the client’s asset.

Bazan Painting Company (circa 1977) and Induron Coatings (circa 1947) have been working as partners for years, combining their application experience and our Permaclean II. Chemical Resistant Epoxy, to succeed at this type of work. Recently, the two companies have partnered again on a two-pool project for the city of Florissant, Missouri. 

About the project

These large, newly-constructed Recreational Center Pools are in the Koch and Bangert Parks and represent quite an investment in the community. The resurgence of this part of St. Louis County is benchmarked with projects like these. It is important to the city that the value of their expenditure is realized. The quality craftsmanship and long-term durability of Induron’ s Coating System will provide many years of service in this type of environment. The city is in competent hands with Induron’s coating system. 

Happy “pool time!” On to the next one!