By: Davies Hood, Induron President

Every year, the Induron sales team gathers for our annual Sales Meeting. This is not different from most every other successful organization, and usually these meetings consist of some hands-on product demonstration, goal setting for the team, and some sort of “rah-rah.” Whether that “rah-rah” is in the form of sharing successes or a classic halftime “chew-out” depends in part on how the last year went. This year, instead of a more traditional “sales meeting,” we decided to take the entire Induron team ALONG WITH THEIR spouses and significant other’s to a resort in Playa Mujeres (Cancun), Mexico. 

Of course, we still had a full-day of goal setting, success story sharing and strategy meetings so that we could more effectively bring value to the Industrial Coatings market’s that we service, BUT we also had a little more FUN than usual, which included 4 nights at an exclusive resort, 2 all day excursions that were truly “once-in-a-lifetime” in their own way, and an afternoon “meeting” in-the-pool by the swim-up bar.

Induron Sales Team

As a family business, Induron tries to treat ALL employees like family. We also make a very real effort to get to know our teammates’ real “families,” as well.  A wise man, Alfred “Tex” Enoch to be exact, once told me that a great way to take relationships to “the-next-level” is to get to know someone’s spouse and/or significant other. I thought our annual sales meeting was the perfect time and place! 

Induron Sales Team and Spouse

The conversations that occurred as we all traveled together, ate breakfasts, hung out by the pool and embarked on “off-campus” excursions were truly special. I left feeling like I had a good opportunity to spend quality one-on-one time with all of the other members of the Induron Sales Team in a very relaxed and REAL atmosphere.

The all-inclusive resort hotel where we stayed was absolutely beautiful with excellent food, service and amenities. The excursions were also quite memorable. One day we boarded a private catamaran sailboat and visited 2 snorkel sites before experiencing a true 7-course meal on Isla Mujeres! The fun-in-the-sun provided by the beautiful scenery, many refreshing drinks and the good-natured deckhands really helped set the tone of relaxation and fun. On another day we explored an underground river running through a cave system that was several hundred meters in length. We divided up into 2 separate groups, saw thousands of stag-nights and stalag-tights and both experienced “total darkness” floating in an underground pool. The pictures afterwards were as breathtaking as the views that we experienced! 

 I feel truly blessed to be able to spend quality time like this with our entire Sales Team and their spouses. The team that we have now is truly special, and I am proud of each and every one of them. I’m also proud to share a couple of comments from one of our longest tenured salesmen, Kendall Smith, and one of the newer members of our team, Joey Thomas: 

“As a ‘coatings guy’ since December of 1982, I have been on countless sales trips, both for sales meetings, conventions, rewards trips, presentations, and sales calls. The recent Induron sales meeting in Mexico was not only a great sales meeting, but one of, if not the absolute best trips of those many decades in the coatings industry! The comradery, the venue, the people (especially having our significant others with us), the service, the rooms, the food, the meetings, the excursions, and even the weather were all exceptional for the Induron team! I am confident that it will be a great investment in the great people we have and am personally very excited to implement the plans we made in 2024!” -Kendall Smith

“Induron’s 2024 Sales Meeting was truly an amazing experience. The lush confines of Atelier Playa Mujeres provided the perfect setting for a much-needed getaway with our spouses. The stunning views of the Caribbean led to an amazing sailing and snorkeling experience while the inland cenotes provided us with a truly unique cave exploration. But equally as important as all the wonderful resort activities and relaxation was the time we got to bond with our sales team and discuss our respective goals with an emphasis on “More in ’24!”   Who knew a meeting could be so much fun AND impactful! -Joey Thomas

All in all, the Induron team is looking forward to “More in ‘24!”