Monthly Archives: November 2015

Why We’re Thankful for Industrial Coatings

Happy Thanksgiving message with assorted pumpkinsBy Davies Hood, Induron President

This Thanksgiving, we hope you have many, many things to be thankful for. We know we have been blessed at Induron Coatings. As we’ve gone through this season, we’ve been thinking about the things we can be thankful for as a result of industrial coatings. Continue reading Why We’re Thankful for Industrial Coatings

Cutting Through the Clutter to Build Trust

social clutterBy Davies Hood, Induron President

As a family business that’s been around for more than 65 years, Induron has learned a thing or two about  building a good reputation and establishing trust. We hope that we’ve done a good job at both. We certainly have learned valuable lessons through both successes and failures. Be wary of any business or person that has been around for 65+ years that claims otherwise. Because of an effort to learn from our mistakes, integrity and good fortune, we are still around. But we feel that can do even better going forward. Continue reading Cutting Through the Clutter to Build Trust

Importance of Annually Inspecting Potable Water Vessels

Russell-Hicks-2434251*220*220By Russell Hicks

Potable water storage vessels are a necessity in our modern world. As we drive up and down our nation’s highways, potable water storage vessels of all shapes and sizes can be easily spotted. Some are big and some are small, some are short and some are tall.

But no matter the size, they all have to be maintained. The interiors and exteriors of potable water storage vessels require a tank and/or coatings specialist to perform annual inspections. There are several techniques used in performing inspections, including taking dry film thickness readings and recording them.  Inspections also involve making sure vent screens are covered and protected from the elements. The entire inspection process should also be visually documented with video or camera. Continue reading Importance of Annually Inspecting Potable Water Vessels

Size Matters

Two different sized Piggy Banks on SeeSawBy Tim LaBorde, Induron Representative and Consultant for Petrochemical Industry   

Many years ago, I attended a sales meeting where a senior manager said one of the silliest things that I’ve ever heard. He said, “You need to go out and sell our new system even if it’s not as good as some others, because customers have been waiting for it and we’re one of the ‘biggest’ paint companies in the U.S.”

Unfortunately, he really did believe this nonsense because of years of internal brainwashing. Even more unfortunate is that customers oftentimes fall into the very same trap of believing bigger suppliers are better. Continue reading Size Matters