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Water Storage: The Next Generation

By Davies Hood, Induron Executive Vice President

This article in Water Efficiency discusses many of the exciting new technologies available to the water market to reduce lifetime expenses associated with potable water storage – including Induron’s own innovation, PermaClean 100 Ceramic Epoxy. This product is VOC- and HAP-free, builds unparalleled film thickness for edge protection, has ultra-low permeability and is self-healing in the rare occurrence of a corrosion cell. Looks like we’re already part of the next generation!

Straight Talk with Davies Hood

At Induron, we have a relationship based sales model and process. That’s the way we sell our products. I was in sales for years, and now I’m being sold to a lot, so I’ve seen both sides, and it’s the people I’ve really clicked with and become friends with who I like to buy from and who I sold a lot to.

What we’ve learned in 60 plus years of trying at Induron is that the influencers in our business, the water business, are civil engineers. The ones who trust us and with whom we have a genuine friendship with are the ones who we do the most business with. That’s how we’ll continue to do business in the future as well; business based on long term relationships.

I don’t like playing sales games, such as mirroring, and I sure don’t want to ask our sales team to do anything like that. Mirroring is when you go in to meet someone and you cross your arms because theirs are crossed, you make eye contact only because they do or you lean up on the table as they do. I consider that more in the field of manipulation than relationship building. Another game people play is looking for signs that tell them about the person they are meeting with when they first go into their office. I have a piece of artwork in my office of hand-tied flies. Now, I am not a fly fisherman, I just like the piece, so when people come in and automatically start talking about it, I’m not very impressed or interested. You have to take the time to really find out what people are truly interested in.

It’s not usually too difficult to find out these kinds of things about people when you are genuinely engaged with them, because everyone likes to talk about themselves, their hobbies and their interests. As you each exchange this personal information and connect to each other on various levels, a real relationship will be formed. What I personally need to work on is talking less and listening more!

At Induron, We try to make friends first and then make the sale. I want my guys to be genuine and have integrity. Of course we want to make the sale and get the commission today, but we also want to make the sale in five years and in 15 years.

Let’s grow this thing!

By Davies Hood, Induron Executive Vice President

I just read Gary Mintchell’s article, “Investing in Manufacturing and the Future of The Country.” I’m tired of “cutting,” and I think Gary Mintchell has it right with this short piece from “Automation World.” The time for investing on infrastructure – true investment not just some political sound-bite – will never be better than right now because of low interest rates, inexpensive labor and pre-inflationary material costs. This investment might just be what our current economy needs to grow us out of our current “fragile” state. What do you think?

The Least Technologically Advanced Product We Offer

By Kendall Smith, Induron Power Market Manager

Nowadays, you can’t get used to one gadget before another one comes along that’s better, smaller or cheaper. Technology changes the products we use almost daily, and once you’ve committed to something – say, a laptop or iPod – it’s only a matter of time before what you’ve selected is obsolete.

That’s why Induron’s Induraguard 9200 is my favorite product we sell. Not because it’s technologically advanced, but because it’s technologically UNadvanced! Let me explain… Continue reading The Least Technologically Advanced Product We Offer

Thank You, Veterans!

By Davies Hood, Induron Executive Vice President

Induron would like to thank all of the men and women – and their families –  who have served and continue to serve our great country. We are proud to honor you every day!

We’d like to take this opportunity to give a special shout out to Jeff White, Induron’s Sales Manager, who was the commanding officer in one of the lead tanks crossing the desert and racing into Bagdad almost 20 years ago during Desert Storm. Because of brave men and women like our very own Jeff White, the rest of us are able to live in the Land of the Free! Thanks Jeff!

Can an Epoxy Coating Ever Work TOO Well? (Believe it or not, Gary Bath says “yes!”)

By Gary Bath, Induron Sales Representative

PermaSafe 100 is one of Induron’s most popular, toughest products for protecting waste water treatment plants, but I’ve been asked to share with you a specific example of when PermaSafe 100 proved to be almost too tough for comfort!

I recently worked with a contractor who applied it on a water treatment plant, and while it was approved and looked good, the owners decided that it needed to be removed because it was a different product than was originally specified. They wanted to use a different generic polyurea, rather than an epoxy, Continue reading Can an Epoxy Coating Ever Work TOO Well? (Believe it or not, Gary Bath says “yes!”)

When the Going Gets Tough…

By Tex Enoch, Induron Sales Representative

Some projects move right along and stay on course from the beginning, with little or no challenges or complexities. But what’s the fun in that? One of our recent projects proved to be an opportunity for forward thinking and innovation in the midst of complexities.

When I.K. Stoltzfus was hired to repaint a wash water tank and a 2 million-gallon clearwell for Aqua Pennsylvania at their Pickering treatment facility, they contacted Induron for the tools for the job.  Continue reading When the Going Gets Tough…