Monthly Archives: July 2014

Selling the Induron Way

By Russell Hicks

Growing up in the Deep South, as a kid I was taught certain key values, such as, “Respect your elders.” It was important to have integrity and being viewed a reliable person was always a good thing.

As I have grown older, looking around at the landscape of today, these values don’t seem to be held with as high regard as they were back in the “good ole days.” Continue reading Selling the Induron Way

Success at AWWA National Meeting

By Tex Enoch

Oftentimes, national conventions are dominated by large companies who have the money and manpower to overwhelm attendees with ostentatious displays and aisle space.  Smaller companies must be much more selective in their approach.  Because their budgets are much smaller, their focus must be on careful planning and targeted customer selection.  Continue reading Success at AWWA National Meeting