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Does Galvanized Steel Corrode?

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

Yes, galvanized steel does corrode. In fact, there are a million steel transmission structures fighting corrosion issues in North America and nearly 20 percent of the world’s steel production supports replacing steel structures and equipment that has been damaged by corrosion. Continue reading Does Galvanized Steel Corrode?

Rethink Your Primer: The Benefits of Ceramic Epoxy

Benefits of Ceramic EpoxyInduron’s Ceramaprime brings performance to the marketplace that requires coatings contractors to rethink their priming options. Whether you are using MCU zinc primers, one-coat DTM technology, or other epoxy primer options, Ceramaprime delivers increased throughput, the elimination of isocyanate, and the performance of ceramic epoxy technology, which often results in cost savings.  Continue reading Rethink Your Primer: The Benefits of Ceramic Epoxy

Restoring the Roof of the Miller-Hungerpiller Home

By: Mitch Hungerpillar, Home owner and guest author

Roof restorationI live in a family home located in Crestwood North in Birmingham, Alabama that my wife’s grandparents built in the mid 1930’s. As the 3rd and 4th generation to live in the home, we have a particular passion about maintaining its original architectural integrity. Our home is a brick English Tudor style with a metal roof manufactured by U.S. Steel that carries a lifetime warranty. The only real maintenance for the roof is cleaning and painting it for curb appeal. Continue reading Restoring the Roof of the Miller-Hungerpiller Home