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Safety Documentation Goes Global

By Jeff White, Induron Sales Manager

Man, my head is spinning. Just as we all think we’ve figured out how to read an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), the game is about to change.

In 1983, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released its Hazard Communication (HazCom) regulation, which required an MSDS for every potentially hazardous material. It is now a generally accepted practice that MSDSs are reviewed and on-site as a part of every job. And we in the coatings industry and many other industries are better for it. Continue reading Safety Documentation Goes Global

How to Keep Employees Happy

By Davies Hood, Induron President

As an executive in a small business, I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers on how to “keep employees happy.” However, when I think about it, I think I know someone who does – Ric Michaels, my first grade teacher.

Now, I’m not comparing Induron’s (or your!) employees to first graders. But I am saying that keeping employees – or any other group of people – happy and productive requires the things we all learned, or should have learned, very early in life from a good role model.  Continue reading How to Keep Employees Happy

Reliable Protection Through Innovative – and Greener! – Coatings

By John Anspach, Induron Technical Director

As local and national environmental regulations changed, particularly in the 1990s, Induron and companies like ours needed to document compliance with the new rules.  Regulatory agencies were (and are) taking a much firmer stance on emissions, and it was clear changes were going to have to be made.

The rewards for lowering emissions are substantial – demonstrating lowered emissions means eligibility for a Synthetic Minor permit, which shows the community in general and the industry in particular that your company is committed to environmentally-responsible manufacturing; thus making you much more attractive to customers looking for like-minded suppliers.

But it can’t be a “one and done” process. You’ll need to look at your emissions levels both now and in the future – since you’ll hopefully be producing at even greater levels in the future as your business expands. Continue reading Reliable Protection Through Innovative – and Greener! – Coatings

It’s a hauntingly good deal!

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It might seem a little “spooky” to register for an October event on Friday the 13th – but we know you won’t be frightened away from a good deal!

Use the money you’ll save on your registration fees to enjoy one of New Orleans’ most unique experiences – a cemetery tour! It’s one of Davies’ personal favorite New Orleans activities – find out more here.

The Times – and the Standards – are A-changin’

By Jeff White, Induron Sales Manager

One of the most widely-used standards in the coatings industry is getting a facelift. SSPC, the Society for Protective Coatings, announced recently that it had made technical revisions and editorial clarifications to its coating application standard, SSPC-PA 2, Procedure for Determining Conformance to Dry Coating Thickness Requirements. SSPC’s PA 2 is one of the most widely-referenced standards in the protective coatings industry. PA 2 first hit the industry in 1973, and has been refreshed several times since. These latest updates were effective May 2, 2012. Continue reading The Times – and the Standards – are A-changin’

Induron: Helping Kids Beat the Summer Heat

By Linc York, Induron Sales Rep, Troy, MO

Not all epoxy coatings are created equal. I have read dozens of specifications that call for using a polyamidoamine epoxy coating in immersion and corrosive environments. Other than being hard to spell and pronounce, polyamidoamine epoxies are highly cross-linked, chemical- and abrasion-resistant protective coatings. However, that is where the similarities apparently end.

Bazan Painting Company has been in business since 1977, and as an industrial painting company, has worked with all the major and many of the smaller manufacturers of coatings. They typically paint 30 to 40 swimming pools every year. That’s a lot of responsibility for summer fun, and Bazan Painting has earned an excellent reputation. In addition to being a demanding task, it is a very short painting season – from the end of winter in the mid-West until pools open on Memorial Day. The protective coating has to be tinted correctly and delivered on time. Eric Hellwig, Bazan’s Purchasing Agent, says that Induron’s customer service is the best.

Walt Bazan, Jr., the owner, had been using a well-known polyamidoamine epoxy for years. It seemed to be working O.K., but he noticed that some customers were complaining that it just wasn’t holding up very well.

Fortunately, Walt agreed to try Induron Perma-Clean II polyamidoamine epoxy on a couple of pools as a test. And as they say, the rest is history. Continue reading Induron: Helping Kids Beat the Summer Heat