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Induron Before and After: Restoring Corroded Materials

Just because a surface is out of sight, doesn’t mean it should be out of mind when it comes to coating and protecting it. In this case, we have badly-corroded galvanized sheet metal that was behind a pool liner.

Pool lights before

Rather spending vast amounts of time and money cleaning up this surface with abrasive blast cleaning, the owners were able to do a simple wire brushing and scraping before applying Induron MCU62. This moisture-cured urethane coating is a great alternative to more expensive cleanings, and was followed up by a moisture-cured coal-tar finish – Induratar from Induron. Continue reading Induron Before and After: Restoring Corroded Materials

See you at WEFTEC 2012!

If it’s numbers you want, WEFTEC 2012 may be the hottest ticket around in the world for water and wastewater professionals:

Conquer Your Coatings Applications with Upcoming Webinar

By Jeff White, Induron Sales Manager

Ultra-high solids (otherwise known as 100-percent solids) coatings are becoming more prevalent every day in our industry, as the restrictions on VOC’s continue to tighten across the country. At Induron, we welcome that, because we have the most user-friendly 100-percent solids products on the market for water and wastewater applications.

Many folks are still cautious about using these products, since they require plural component equipment. But we’ve found over the past few years that with a little education, practice and the correct equipment, projects requiring plural component coatings and equipment can run just as smoothly as traditional coatings. And, in fact, plural component projects have a number of cost saving advantages!

If you’d like to learn more about plural component applications, register for the upcoming free SSPC webinar sponsored by WIWA on Sept. 26. Then contact us to learn more about our 100-percent solids products.

Founded in 1947, Induron manufactures high performance coatings that serve a range of industrial applications, including the wastewater, electrical transmission and distribution, and groundwater storage industries. Induron is the maker of Protecto 401TM, the leading ceramic epoxy pipe lining for the wastewater industry. Learn more about us at  



Innovative Coating Protecting Our Service Members

By Jeff White, Induron Sales Manager

Coatings technologies turn up in some pretty amazing places, including in applications to protect our military. The newest innovation is in camouflage face paint. Every soldier has used it, from the government-issue sticks that felt like sandpaper on your face to the easier-on-your-skin “camo compact” that looks like your wife’s makeup kit – only in browns, black and greens.

Now researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi have developed a face paint that provides protection from intense bursts of heat – a situation that often faces our service members when they’re in the vicinity of an IED detonation. This technology looks like a big step towards protecting our service members from future burns from IED explosions. Additionally, it has applications for another group of heroes – firefighters and emergency responders. Continue reading Innovative Coating Protecting Our Service Members

True Investment in Infrastructure – It’s Worth the Effort

By Davies Hood, Induron President

As we approach the November elections in our politically-charged atmosphere, we’ve been hearing a lot about “investing in infrastructure” from one side and “debt reduction” from the other. In this article from Water & Waste Digest magazine, Benjamin Grumbles makes some suggestions that those in power should at least consider.

Although Mr. Grumbles speaks as the president of the Clean Water America Alliance (and when I hear that, I immediately think both “bureaucracy” and “lobbyist”), he writes in favor of such radical ideas as charging customers the true cost of water, promoting public/private partnerships in the water industry, and planning both water and wastewater infrastructure projects as part of the larger integrated community planning process. Not too radical when you think about it, right? Continue reading True Investment in Infrastructure – It’s Worth the Effort