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Is Integrity Dead?

By Linc York, Induron Sales Representative

Ray Leuthauser, left, and Jan Corbett, right. From PaintSquare News

Fortunately, the answer is no.

Unfortunately, however, these days it seems too often that the attitude is, “It’s all about me.” The world is comprised of givers and takers. Integrity – or the lack thereof – is the benchmark of a person’s character. These axioms come to mind when you read this article from PaintSquare News about the integrity and moral character of Ray Leuthauser, who returned more than $300 that was blowing his way while he was driving down the highway. Instead of pocketing his “found” cash, Leuthauser went to what some would consider extreme measures just to return it to its rightful owner – a provider for the homeless.

Needless to say, Ray Leuthauser has strong core values, and his actions inspired his superintendent and his company to do the right thing and give to others in need. Remarkably, the efforts of these good people and their companies resulted in at least doubling what was once almost lost.

Induron’s core values are all about integrity, respect, reliability and innovation. At Induron, we set high standards for our products and personnel. Induron manufactures and sells protective coatings that not only work, but often exceed the customer’s expectations. Like Ray Leuthauser, we make every effort to do the right thing.

We’d like to end by saying a big “Thank You” to Ray Leuthauser and wishing all the success in the world to the Peter & Paul Community Service Organization, located in St.Louis, MO.

Induron Goes Political (At Least Where Infrastructure Is Concerned)

By Davies Hood, Induron President

In today’s politically charged landscape, even blogs by industrial paint manufacturers are jumping into the fray. However, we’re not choosing a red or blue side here. We’re choosing to support infrastructure maintenance and improvement.

In this article from PaintSquare, two very different approaches to improving our country’s aging infrastructure are discussed. Both ideas look similar on the surface, but with a little digging the differences are easy to spot.

President Obama has suggested an Infrastructure Bank that his critics have compared to Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. The proposed “Bank” backs private investments with public money. The idea was first proposed last year and has drawn bipartisan support. My concern is – which programs and/or projects get the public backing, and which are allowed to fail? I personally don’t like the idea of government picking winners and losers; the track record on that isn’t so great. Continue reading Induron Goes Political (At Least Where Infrastructure Is Concerned)

Induron admits: ‘We are selfish’

By Ben Rowland, Induron Sales Rep, Birmingham, AL

I recently read an article entitled, “Authentic Selling: Be An Advisor”, by Marc Corsini. This article really struck a chord with me, as it represents the notion that I have always felt was the overriding philosophy here at Induron Protective Coatings. That philosophy being, that we work as “advisors” for our clients, not just “salespeople.” The Authentic Selling acronym is as follows:


Undisputed Results





Thought Leader


Collaborative Effort Continue reading Induron admits: ‘We are selfish’

What Cycle Count Says About Teamwork

By John Anspach, VP of Operations

Last week, I spoke about the importance of cycle count in terms of efficiency.  Our numbers are consistently low, and that’s something we are especially proud of around here.

The final numbers are in, and I can say that annually, our cycle count has been at .25 or less since 2007. That’s 5 years running. So how did we get and keep our numbers so low?

I can sum it up in one word: communication.

Our paint is made great by three teams: Paint Makers in our production department, the technical folks in the lab and quality control. Internally, these departments have a genuine respect for each other’s work. They have trusted relationships that allow for feedback. Continue reading What Cycle Count Says About Teamwork

Why Cycle Count Matters in Paint Production

By John Anspach, VP of Operations

You’ve heard us talk about “cycle count.” This number is a tool to gauge how efficient and consistent you are when making paint.

Each time a batch is made, technicians perform a battery of tests to ensure it matches the formula and meets qualifications for viscosity, solids and flow. If it’s just right the first time, the cycle count is zero. If something is even a tiny bit off, the batch goes back to technicians and is adjusted. Testing is then repeated until the paint matches the qualifications exactly.

Each adjustment adds a number to the count. One adjustment equals a cycle count of 1, and so on. We take the average number of adjustments to get our cycle count. You can see why you would want to keep this number low:  Continue reading Why Cycle Count Matters in Paint Production