Monthly Archives: August 2018

T&D Market Knowledge

By: Kendall Smith, Induron T&D Market Manager

Induron Coatings has been a major supplier to the electric utility industry for almost a decade now and employs individuals who have serviced the industry for many more decades. A few of us even go back to the early 1980s when thousands of electric transmission structures were purchased and installed around the country every year. Utility companies were protecting these structures from corrosion with multiple thin coats, which often only lasted 8-10 years.  Continue reading T&D Market Knowledge

Induron’s Size Advantage

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

Nimble: It’s an adjective that I use on a regular basis to describe Induron. We can and have responded to customer requests quicker and more effectively than others who must go through multiple layers of approval prior to a response. Plus, our size enables us to launch reliable products to the market more efficiently. Though I sometimes feel like a mouse running amongst a heard of elephants as we compete with some of the behemoths that dominate our marketplace, I realize that the maneuverability of that little guy is a serious asset. Continue reading Induron’s Size Advantage

Pipe Coatings & Linings Market Knowledge

By: Chris Rowell, Induron Sales Representative

Long ago in the mid 90’s, I found myself on the perilous edge of a limestone quarry in Alabama. It was August—the time when the heat turns up and lingers to remind you that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…Hotter than six shades of hell.  Hotter than a $2 pistol Continue reading Pipe Coatings & Linings Market Knowledge