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2023, Induron is Ready

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

2023, Induron is ReadyAs we flip the calendar from 2022 to 2023, I must say that I am optimistic about Induron’s position in our target markets. 2022 was another stressful year in the coatings industry–much like the two preceding years–because of a myriad of supply chain issues ranging from consistently high inflation to shipping delays, and in some extreme cases, ABSOLUTELY NO RAW MATERIAL available.  Continue reading 2023, Induron is Ready

NSF 600 Implementation Deadline Extended: Now What?

By: Dr. Jeffrey Lackey, Induron Protective Coatings Technical Director

NSF600 Implementation Deadline Extended The potable water tank industry went into a frenzied panic in 2021 when it was announced that the NSF standard for coatings for potable water was being changed to be significantly more restrictive on the levels of certain chemicals (NSF/ANSI/CAN61-2019.) 

Over the course of the year, we’ve informed our customers of the truth about the new standards, how they impact job sites, and ultimately, how the change is “old news” to Induron.  

While many suppliers scrambled for solutions, Induron looked at the new standards, nodded, and pressed on with “business as usual.” Why? Because years before other companies were forced to reduce the levels of certain chemicals in their products for potable water, Induron had made the proactive decision to design and develop environmentally-friendly products that are as safe as possible for drinking water. Not because we were forced to do so by outside agencies, but because it was simply the right thing to do.

Now the agencies in charge of certifying products for potable water use, such as UL, are saying that many in our industry are complaining that they simply haven’t had time in the last couple of years to make the changes in their products required to meet the implementation date of January 26, 2023. They’ve petitioned the agencies to push the implementation date to the middle of the year–July 31, 2023. This change clearly has some people still struggling to meet these new standards. But again, Induron calmly carries on.

Induron’s Competitive Advantage: Market Focus and Proactivity

Change is inevitable, including (perhaps especially) changes in environmental regulations. But the inevitability of such changes allows a company with a clear vision to deal with such changes by being proactive rather than being forced into ruched, knee-jerk reactions. For Induron, the water tank market is a significant, targeted market and not a “side business.” Our specialized focus allows us to develop and plan proactively. Thus, while others spend their resources scrambling to meet new regulations, Induron can keep our resources focused on serving our customers and developing next generation technologies.  

Interested in learning more about our products, which provide Reliable Protection Through Innovative Coatings? Contact us today. 

A Proven Solution for an Aging Grid

By: Ben Rowland, Induron Protective Coatings

As the United States and the rest of the world’s electrical infrastructure grid is aging, it’s imperative we start addressing these structures in a manner that can substantially increase the life cycle of these assets. Induron Protective Coatings is an industry leader in high performance coatings with particular proven expertise in corrosion control in Power Transmission & Distribution applications.  Continue reading A Proven Solution for an Aging Grid

Dirty Jobs: A Guide to Treatment Plant Coatings (Part II)

By: Bill Seawell, Induron Technical Service Manager

Water and wastewater treatment plants require a variety of industrial coatings due to their diverse service environments. From potable water immersion to aeration basins, each service requires a specialized coatings solution for corrosion protection. The goal of this treatment plant coatings blog series is to inform owners and engineers of the best questions to ask when communicating with contractors and paint manufacturers to determine an ideal engineering solution.  Continue reading Dirty Jobs: A Guide to Treatment Plant Coatings (Part II)

Know Your Niche: Induron’s Davies Hood Looks to the Future

Davies Hood, Induron PresidentInduron (once Indurall) began as a general paint maker. Today, in our 75th year of business, we know our niche. By becoming experts in not only the products we manufacture but also the markets our customers serve, we have become a highly-competitive, technically-sophisticated specialty coatings manufacturer.  Continue reading Know Your Niche: Induron’s Davies Hood Looks to the Future

Relationship Building at Contractor Connect 2021

By: Andy Odorzynski, Induron National Sales Manager

As trade shows attempt to get started again after the pandemic, many seem to be a shadow of their former selves. Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to join other industry professionals, in-person, at Technology Publishing Company’s fourth annual Contractor Connect event.  Continue reading Relationship Building at Contractor Connect 2021

Keys to Success in International Business

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

Keys to Success in International BusinessInternational business is an unfamiliar, and frankly high risk environment for many companies. It certainly was for Induron when we first ventured beyond our country’s borders. However, through more than a decade of international business ventures, we have identified a few keys to success in international business.  Continue reading Keys to Success in International Business

Meet our New Customer Service Manager: Brenton Conner

Brenton ConnerIn preparation for our Customer Service Manager’s retirement, we welcomed Brenton Conner to the Induron team almost 3 months ago to work alongside Barry Peters and learn the tricks of the trade. Brenton will be taking on a range of responsibilities, including taking orders from customers, writing up orders and bills of lading, completing cycle counts in the warehouse, managing batch tickets, making adjustments to inventory, checking color matches, monitoring shipments and more. 

We are thrilled to officially introduce Brenton as our new Customer Service Manager. Learn more about Brenton in the Q&A below.  Continue reading Meet our New Customer Service Manager: Brenton Conner

Meet the Newest Member of the Induron Team: Rob Burckley

We are excited to welcome Rob Burckley to the Induron team! Rob is a veteran of the U.S. Army who served in combat in the Gulf War. He has worked in multiple capacities of metal fabrication and coatings. Over the course of his career, Rob has worked in the coatings industry as a Project Manager, Quality Assurance Inspector, Tank Painting Project Manager, Estimator and Operations Manager and as a Paint Contractor handling estimating and project management.  Continue reading Meet the Newest Member of the Induron Team: Rob Burckley

“To Everything There is a Season, and a Time to every Purpose Under Heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

By: Barry Peters, Retiring Induron Customer Service Manager

When Davies Hood asked me to pen a recap, summation or a farewell, if you will, of my times here at Induron Coatings, it was difficult to choose a tone or theme to use. Continue reading “To Everything There is a Season, and a Time to every Purpose Under Heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)