What is going on in the T&D Market?

By: Ben Rowland, Induron T&D Sales

T&DThe T&D market for Induron has seen a lot of activity in recent months. There are increasingly more discussions amongst major utilities regarding the FERC Order that went into effect over a year ago now. 

What is the FERC Order?

In its simplest explanation, this order allows the utilities an opportunity to capitalize projects that successfully extend the life of T&D assets for a significant amount of time, as opposed to the traditional model, where all projects of this nature were paid for out of operational and maintenance budgets.

The net result of this order will not only yield lower costs and higher reliability of their assets for the utilities, but an overall savings to the rate payers versus the tremendously more costly model of only capitalizing new structures. Early adopter utilities have already begun putting their budgets and processes into place.

The Induron Difference


I recently spent time in Northern California helping train utility paint crews on the application of Induron’s systems for these projects. Induron’s products have been specifically designed to be surface tolerant and applied over marginally prepared, aged, hot dipped, galvanized, and carbon steel T&D assets for long term results. 

Naturally, the existing condition of the substrate and the surrounding environment can have a profound effect on the active corrosion rate of a structure, but more often than not, we find a structure can have its useful life easily extended 15-30 years with a single coat of Induraguard 9200.

In fact, it’s the only technology that has consistently produced these long term results, while providing the efficiency to get a large number of structures done in a short amount of time. The current and ever growing need for a reliable electrical infrastructure, will require solutions such as Induron’s to be implored if we are ever to keep up.

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