Induron’s Personal Touch

By: Ben Rowland, Induron Technical Service Director

Often in today’s coatings industry, companies want to grow their business by being the “biggest, all-in-one, one-stop-shop” for any and all customers.

As individual companies strive to become everything to every customer, mergers and acquisitions begin to occur in the marketplace. Convenience and breadth of product line are the two likely results from such transactions.

Without a doubt, these are significant benefits to a customer. But, with these gains, what do we lose? Usually, companies lose sight of their customers and become more concerned with quarterly earnings. Company sales representatives take on the role of “order takers” for a wide range of markets, which by default, prevents them from being as engaged in their existing markets and networks.

Everyone at Induron is invested in the success of our products for our customers in our target markets, from sales representatives and customer service to shipping and technical support.  Induron’s size affords it the ability to maintain intimate contact with our projects, specifying engineers, contractors and owners. We at Induron feel that because we aren’t everything to everyone, we offer exactly what our customers need….and then some.

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