Introducing Novasafe: A New NOVALAC Epoxy for Rehabilitation of Steel and Concrete in Extreme Wastewater Environments

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 By: William Seawell, Induron Protective Coatings Director of Technical Service In the current regulatory and financial climate, water utilities are increasing their focus on the state of their currently in-service treatment plant assets, including aeration basins, clarifiers, grit chambers, chlorine contact basins etc. All these assets have an increasingly apparent need for linings and corrosion … Read More

Portage, MI Elevated Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation Project

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By: Rob Burckley, Induron Technical Sales & Service Manager Committed to ensuring its community has reliable and safe water supply, the City of Portage, MI launched a rehabilitation project on an integral component of its water supply infrastructure–a 750,000-gallon toro ellipse leg water tank. Over time, tanks can deteriorate due to various factors, necessitating rehabilitation … Read More