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Life Cycle Costs Greatly Reduced Using Premium Products

By Ben Rowland, Induron Sales Representative

In the industrial coatings industry, there are some very well accepted standards and conventional coatings systems for which projects are specified.

Over the years, standards have progressed along with burgeoning technologies. Coatings once thought to be superior at the time of development have been supplanted by newer products for various reasons: some were discovered to contain what are now known to be hazardous materials; some were found to have hazardous emissions during application; while some were simply inferior products to the current ones available. Continue reading Life Cycle Costs Greatly Reduced Using Premium Products

Too Many Zeros

By Davies Hood, Induron Executive Vice President

Today’s economy is tough. Money is hard to come by in both the public and private sectors. And while you and I are trying to make ends meet and ride out the economic storm, the politicians in Washington are gearing up for “another” election cycle that seems to be another excuse for inaction.

All the while, our nation’s aging water infrastructure – much of which was installed at the turn of the 20th century – continues to deteriorate. But there’s an article entitled “Water Infrastructure Could Burden U.S. Economy, Report Claims” in the January 2012 issue of WaterWorld that puts the cold hard numbers to repair cost. Continue reading Too Many Zeros

What’s the REAL cost?

By Davies Hood, Induron Executive VP

When you shop for something, whether it’s peanut butter or a Porsche, you want to know what it costs, right? In today’s uncertain economic times, price points and cost are becoming more and more important in everyone’s purchasing decisions.

Valve Magazine recently published an article entitled “Back to Basics: Life-Cycle Costing,” that gave an interesting angle on tools used to assist this process. This article astutely points out that there is more to the true cost of an item than just its sales price. Other factors that affect the total cost are the cost to install, maintain and repair and sometimes even dispose of the product. Continue reading What’s the REAL cost?

The Proof Really IS in the Coating

By Tex Enoch, Induron Water Tank Market Manager

Water and Wastes Digest recently published an article by Tony Stellema entitled, “The Proof is in the Coating.” The article discusses why a quality coating application on a steel storage tank is vital to the tank’s durability.

Stellema touched on many of the points that are important in selecting the proper coating system for protecting steel tanks:

  1. Choosing the correct system to handle the contained liquid
  2. Proper surface preparation and inspection
  3. Methods of holiday detection Continue reading The Proof Really IS in the Coating

Improving Worker Safety

By Jeff White, Induron Sales Manager

I’m not much on “big government,” and sometimes, in my opinion, many regulations are arbitrary. Regulations for regulation’s sake never helped anybody. However, when it comes to worker safety, we’ve got to continually improve and maintain focus to make sure all of us get home to our families safely every day.

This article from Paint Square News outlines a few upcoming regulations from OSHA that focus on improving the safety of the industrial coatings industry. We’re glad to have them, and look forward to implementing them in our work!

First Cycle Count of 2012

Our Cycle Count for January 2012 was 0.17. This is a great start to the new year, and shows our employees are ready to tackle 2012 with exceptional accuracy. Can we go lower in February? We’ll find out soon!

What is Cycle Count?

Each month, we do an internal report called “Cycle Count,” to summarize all our “Production corrections” in one number. Cycle count is a direct measure of how well we perform at “doing it right the first time, every time.” Continue reading First Cycle Count of 2012

When Newer Isn’t Better with T&D coatings

By Dick Belliveau, Induron Sales Representative

We tend to think that newer is usually better, don’t we? A new car is better than your old lemon, new flowers bloom in the spring and who didn’t like the start of a new school year growing up?

But at Induron, we’ve found that sometimes, what’s tried and true – trumps what’s new.

When coating electrical substation equipment, the tried and true method has always been to use silicone alkyds with a flo-coating method. But lately, some of our clients have questioned this method, wondering if there’s a newer way to coat this equipment. I’m here to tell you how important it is to stick with the method you know in this instance. Continue reading When Newer Isn’t Better with T&D coatings

The REAL Green Mountains of New Hampshire

By Davies Hood, Induron Executive Vice President

We all want a greener world, and we all want to save a little money. And the Greater Lawrence Sanitary District (GLSD) is showing us how we can do both.

This organization, serving communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, is demonstrating how to have a greener world by efficiently retrofitting a wastewater treatment plant.

This article from the January 2012 edition of Water and Waste Digest highlights the efficiency improvements at this plant that will “promote green concepts in the environmental sense, but also green concepts in the more traditional sense, as they ultimately will reduce cost for the district.” Continue reading The REAL Green Mountains of New Hampshire