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Global Corrosion

By Dick Belliveau, Induron Sales Rep

Did you know that corrosion on existing transmission and distribution structures and equipment is a global problem?

That’s one of the many things we learned at the 2012 IEEE Power & Energy Society’s Transmission and Distribution Conference in Orlando, May 7-10.

Induron was one of more than 700 vendors there, showcasing products ranging from large station power transformers to line trucks to industrial maintenance paint coatings.

Jeff White, Kendall Smith and I spent most of our time there discussing maintenance painting with people from as far away as China, India, North and South America. We were astounded that the corrosion we deal with and help solve on a day-to-day basis is actually a worldwide problem! We’re proud that Induron has the products and expertise to help our electric utility customers battle their corrosion issues, no matter what corner of the globe they live in.

When Newer Isn’t Better with T&D coatings

By Dick Belliveau, Induron Sales Representative

We tend to think that newer is usually better, don’t we? A new car is better than your old lemon, new flowers bloom in the spring and who didn’t like the start of a new school year growing up?

But at Induron, we’ve found that sometimes, what’s tried and true – trumps what’s new.

When coating electrical substation equipment, the tried and true method has always been to use silicone alkyds with a flo-coating method. But lately, some of our clients have questioned this method, wondering if there’s a newer way to coat this equipment. I’m here to tell you how important it is to stick with the method you know in this instance. Continue reading When Newer Isn’t Better with T&D coatings