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A Moldy, Mildewed Rose Isn’t As Sweet

Roseville tankBy Linc York, Induron Sales Rep

August 7, 2000 was a banner day for the city of Roseville, Illinois. It’s the day Maguire Iron began erecting the new 250,000 gallon pedisphere water tank for the town. It was quite a sight.

On September 12th, the 1st-5th grade children and many town residents were there to watch the 200-ton crane begin to lift the pieces in place. One of the residents, Helen Perrine, told her brother-in-law, a member of the village board, that she sure wished they could “put roses on the new tower.” Be careful what you wish for! Continue reading A Moldy, Mildewed Rose Isn’t As Sweet

A Long Line of Induron Mentors

david and william hood
David Hood with one of his mentors and father, William Hood

By David Hood, Induron CEO

My father, William E. Hood, was a true Southern gentleman. His reputation for being kind, humorous, respectful and giving has long outlived him. He is still remembered as Santa Clause because he dressed up each Christmas and entertained children for years from his home on Memory Lane in Birmingham.

He is also well remembered by the paint industry for his many contributions to the industry, including serving as the first industry President of the National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association (now known as the American Coatings Association). Continue reading A Long Line of Induron Mentors

The Key to Success

John AnspachBy John Anspach, VP Operations

In a paint company, as in most companies, there are multiple departments that must work effectively together to ensure the success of the organization.  In a nutshell, there are a lot of moving parts, literally and figuratively.


It is easy to become compartmentalized, or focused only on your one job in your department, while forgetting the big picture. This can quickly result in delaying or altogether missing key communication between departments – the key to success. Continue reading The Key to Success