Monthly Archives: September 2019

A “Feel Good” Story Worth Telling

By: Paul Powers, Induron Sales Representative

St. Louis isn’t without its memorable sports events—a few trips to the Super Bowl and 11 World Series wins. After all, it’s considered a quintessential baseball town by many. But, our “diamond in the rough” sport, Blues Hockey and their recent championship, is the focus of this story! Continue reading A “Feel Good” Story Worth Telling

Product Spotlight: PermaGloss Fluorourethane

Are color and gloss retention the priority for your project? Induron has the coatings solution for you. PermaGloss Fluorourethane provides the best color and gloss retention of any readily available industrial coating. Continue reading Product Spotlight: PermaGloss Fluorourethane

Project Spotlight: Hominy Ground Storage Tank Rehab

By: Russell Hicks, Induron Technical Sales Representative

When the city of Hominy, OK needed its 500,000-gallon ground storage tank rehabbed, they encountered a few challenges. First, maintenance had not been performed on the tank for more than 25 years. Plus, the interior of the tank was severely pitted with corrosion cells. And lastly, the owner requested that the tank have a white finish. Continue reading Project Spotlight: Hominy Ground Storage Tank Rehab