Project Spotlight: Hominy Ground Storage Tank Rehab

By: Russell Hicks, Induron Technical Sales Representative

When the city of Hominy, OK needed its 500,000-gallon ground storage tank rehabbed, they encountered a few challenges. First, maintenance had not been performed on the tank for more than 25 years. Plus, the interior of the tank was severely pitted with corrosion cells. And lastly, the owner requested that the tank have a white finish.

The Solution

Fortunately, Induron products were able to combat these challenges. A thick film was needed to cover the interior pitting, and TL-70 Ceramic Epoxy was specified for this job. TL-70 was applied to achieve 30 mils on the floor of the tank and up to 24 inches on the walls while the rest of the tank received normal film thickness. Because TL-70 only comes in tan and a pool blue, an additional coat of AquaClean Epoxy was applied to give the tank a white finish. This gave the tank a total dry film thickness on the floor of 30+ mils and a total dry film thickness everywhere else of 14+ mils.

About the Products

TL-70 is a 70 percent solids epoxy that is NSF approved up to 30 mils in one or two coats. TL-70 will apply as simply as any typical thin-film tank lining epoxy, but its ceramic additives result in drastically increased film build and a higher level of corrosion protection using standard airless spray equipment. This alone offered the owner huge cost savings and allowed more contractors to bid on this project. TL70 brings the unparalleled 35-year track record of our proprietary Ceramic Epoxy technology tank lining projects. It is the perfect option for asset owners who are looking for protection beyond that of a traditional thin-film epoxy lining but want to avoid the expense associated with 100% solids plural component application.

AquaClean is an exceptional two component, high solids, self-priming epoxy coating formulated for superior resistance to water, water borne chemicals and other aggressive environments. AquaClean blends the latest performance technology with an easy-to-apply, good-looking finish—an effective solution to provide a white finish for this tank.

We worked with Cardinal Engineering and Luckinbill Inc. to complete this project.  All in all, if you need versatility in your coating system – whether thick or thin, a standard airless equipment application, or multiple NSF approved color options, Induron has you covered.


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