Induron Attends WEFTEC 2019

In preparation for WEFTEC 2019, our very own Chris Rowell shares some insights about Induron in this Q&A: 

Induron’s Pipe Linings and Coatings Manager Chris Rowell understands the importance of not only supplying the wastewater piping industry with proven technology, but also providing customers with exceptional support.

Q: Tell us about Induron. What’s your focus?

A: Founded in 1947, Induron Protective Coatings is a family-owned industrial coatings manufacturer. We specialize in coatings and linings for ductile iron pipe (water and wastewater), carbon steel piping, tanks, electrical transmission/distribution lattice towers and poles, and pipe coatings and linings for the natural gas industry.  We are also heavily involved in all aspects of treatment plant work—from the coatings and linings for initial builds to recoating of aging systems.

Q: What would you say makes your business unique?

A: Three generations of family ownership and management results in a company that treats its employees, customers and suppliers as true partners and family members. We stand with our customers and behind our products. Plus, Induron’s innovations in research has helped us to improve the technology that has been protecting critical systems for decades.

Q: What are your greatest challenges in this industry?

A: Our greatest challenge is often in helping the industry understand the many differences in pipe materials and substrates.  For instance, ductile iron pipe is manufactured in a completely different way than carbon steel pipe, so the surface preparations for coatings and linings are very different from the start.  Understanding the difference has been a key to our success.

Q: Which Induron products will be featured at the show?

A: Protecto 401™ Ceramic Epoxy and Ceramapure PL90™ Ceramic Epoxy. Both of these pipe linings work to provide corrosion and abrasion resistance in unique ways.  Protecto 401 has been used successfully for decades in thousands of miles of ductile iron pipe and fittings and in all phases of the wastewater systems—gravity collection systems, force mains and treatment plants.  Ceramapure PL90 is a newer version of our proven ceramic epoxy technology and may be used to line pipe for both water and wastewater applications (NSF/ANSI 61 certified).  Our pipe coatings are also being used internationally, and we offer ceramic epoxy solutions (Ceramawrap) and specialty seal coats for metalized zinc (Epoxy Modified Acrylic).

Q: Who are your end users?

A: Water and wastewater system owners.  Often, a city or county oversees the treatment and distribution/collection of water and wastewater to residents, but in many cases, municipal “district” owners oversee and maintain areas that may include many cities and towns (or counties).

Q: To what do you attribute your company’s success?

A: Having had the experience of working with other manufacturers (and for other companies) has helped me to realize that Induron’s customer service is second to none (top to bottom).  When everyone on the team lives by our core values of integrity, respect, reliability and innovation, we create a corporate culture that provides the best products and service in the protective coatings industry.


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