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Seal the Deal for Your Pool this Summer

Cruise ship pool with Induron coating as a sealant

The unofficial start to summer is officially upon us. Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it’s time to make diving into summer more fun and less work.

For over 30 years, Bazan Painting Company in St. Louis has been an industrial contractor. One of their niche markets where they have enjoyed success is the painting of new and existing swimming pools.  Continue reading Seal the Deal for Your Pool this Summer

Safety and Efficiency: Mutually Exclusive?

By Mike Nelms, Induron Production Manager

Can you be safe AND efficient? Absolutely – if you practice safety and efficiency in the correct fashion.

We’re all looking to be more efficient in our daily tasks, but safety is paramount. How many times have you heard someone in your facility say, “If you put a guard on that, it will slow me down!”?

The key to countering statements like that is to ensure you’re installing the RIGHT type of safety guard for the process being performed, the ergonomics and the machine type itself. If you do this, safety and efficiency can live in harmony. Continue reading Safety and Efficiency: Mutually Exclusive?

‘Incentives for Safety’ Paying Dividends

By Davies Hood, Induron President

In my last safety blog, I commented on the importance of safety in the workplace, and Induron’s mission to support this further in 2013. We kicked off a new incentive plan that year, which focused on no Lost Time Accidents (LTAs), no unexcused absences, and overall improved commitment to safety in our work environment.

I also commented on how we encouraged these goals with prize awards, and that we had six individuals in the operations department meet these goals. We celebrated with a Christmas luncheon and the big prize give-a-way, and it was pretty obvious that this program was effective, and was worth continuing in some form going forward.  Continue reading ‘Incentives for Safety’ Paying Dividends