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AquaClean: User-Friendly, Good-Looking and Long-Lasting

By: Davies Hood, Induron CEO

AquaCleanLike most marketplaces, the industrial coating market becomes more and more competitive each day. Consequently, this competition cultivates an omnipresent sense of “We need to build a better mousetrap.” At Induron, our Research and Development Department is challenged with this exact task. With the help of our suppliers and partners, who consistently bring us the latest and greatest chemical technology, we are equipped with the necessary tools for innovation.    Continue reading AquaClean: User-Friendly, Good-Looking and Long-Lasting

How Induron is like the National Champions in College Basketball

By: Tex Enoch, Induron Sales Representative

Recently, the Villanova Wildcats defeated the University of North Carolina Tarheels to win the NCAA National Championship as an undersized, scrappy, disciplined and determined unit.

Growing up in Philadelphia, I played my share of basketball.  I also grew up watching the Big Five play and loved every minute of it.  LaSalle, St. Joe’s, Temple, Penn and Villanova all had their shot playing the big guys from across the country.  These games were especially fun to watch. Though I opted to go to college in D.C., I continued to keep track of the national successes of these teams.  Continue reading How Induron is like the National Champions in College Basketball

PermaClean 100 Ceramic Epoxy: The Solution for Sardis Water Authority

By: Russell Hicks, Induron Sales Representative

Sardis Water ClarifierRecently, Induron provided materials to help Sardis Water Authority with a much-needed facelift.  For nine years, the water and sewage utilities company located in Clayton, Oklahoma had two finish filters working double duty, and they were beginning to show signs of wear and tear.

Sardis Water had two major problems. First, a new and larger clarifier needed to be built so that the two existing clarifiers could be converted into finish filters. Second, the water system needed a coating solution that could meet several demands. Sardis Water Authority needed the filter back in service quickly due to water usage demands. Additionally, the Sardis Water’s new coating system needed to be applied in a single coat while offering excellent abrasion resistance.

Greg Vaughn of Vaughn Engineering turned to Induron for a solution, and we delivered. Our solution was PermaClean 100 Ceramic Epoxy applied to 10.0 to 15.0 Mils DFT. This product offers absolute minimal undercutting, unrivaled Film Build (NSF approved up to 50 Mils DFT), ultra-low permeability and a non-ablative surface.

Because of PermaClean 100’s fast cure time (72 hours), Vaughn Engineering was able to proceed with rebuilding the aeration filters and returning Sardis Water Authority to service. In the end, Sardis Water Authority received much-needed maintenance on its water filtration system while maintaining its customers’ water demands.

Induron Sales Representative Joins the Georgia Mining Association

Carl Moye Joins the Georgia Mining AssociaitionInduron is proud to be the newest Associate Member of the Georgia Mining Association, and we look forward to supporting the mining industry in the state of Georgia. Carl Moye, our Sales Representative for the state of Georgia, has devoted more than 15 years to the mining industry and will continue to support the industry through his involvement with GMA. Before joining Induron’s team, Carl worked in a purchasing role in the Georgia mining industry. He’s also has been on the Georgia Mining Association’s Membership Committee for five years.  Continue reading Induron Sales Representative Joins the Georgia Mining Association