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A Tribute to Barry Peters

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

Barry Peters is one of the best “hires” that I have ever made as a manager. For anyone who has ever been responsible for hiring and firing people, that statement says A LOT! 

With a heavy heart, from both a personal and professional side, I would like to wish Barry a healthy, happy and long retirement. I first met Barry back in 1987 in the old Indurall Southside Paint Store located on 24th & 7th Avenue South on a Saturday afternoon. He was working by himself back in the warehouse when my father (owner of the company at the time) and I walked in and made ourselves comfortable behind the counter with a couple of cold Coca-Cola’s. Barry walked back into the retail part of the building to see two unknown faces behind the counter — a place they shouldn’t be. He immediately sized us up and, in his most authoritative voice, asked if he could help us. Knowing we were unrecognized as co-workers, we immediately introduced ourselves and effusively apologized. However, that first impression left an indelible image of someone who has always done-the-right-thing when presented with a surprise or a challenge. Continue reading A Tribute to Barry Peters

Jeff White Honored as a Veteran of Influence

Jeff WhiteInduron Protective Coatings is proud to announce that our Executive Vice President and General Manager, Jeff White, has been honored as a Veteran of Influence by the Birmingham Business Journal!  Continue reading Jeff White Honored as a Veteran of Influence

Induron Welcomes Trevor Nicholas to the Team

Trevor NicholasWe’re excited to welcome Trevor Nicholas to the Induron team as a Senior Chemist! Trevor has extensive experience in the coatings industry and is excited to dive into product optimizations and development. He is not only passionate about trying new things, but also making paint better, safer, stronger, longer-lasting, and most importantly, less expensive.

To learn more about Trevor, check out this Q&A:  Continue reading Induron Welcomes Trevor Nicholas to the Team

A Super Bowl Story: How are the Kansas City Chiefs and Induron similar?

By: Jeff Lackey, Induron Technical Director

Induron's Super Bowl StoryI’ve been a Kansas City Chiefs fan for a long time. I used to live in Kansas City and still have a daughter who lives there. Arrowhead Stadium is one of the great, “old-fashioned” stadiums with a tremendous legacy. Believe it or not, the Chiefs were in the very first Super Bowl (back when it was called the AFL-NFL Championship). Unfortunately the Chiefs, led by Lenny Dawson, lost to the Packers, led by Alabama alumni Bart Starr, that year.  Continue reading A Super Bowl Story: How are the Kansas City Chiefs and Induron similar?

Meet our New Technical Director


We are excited to welcome Jeff Lackey to the Induron team.  Jeff recently joined us from Iowa.  With his extensive background and experience at all levels of the industry, he will make a tremendous addition to our Induron team.  To learn a little more about Jeff, check out our Q&A with him below:

Continue reading Meet our New Technical Director

What the Induron Team is Thankful for this Year

It’s been a busy year at Induron full of exciting projects and new products and we look forward to an exciting 2020 ahead!   With the holidays upon us, we want to take time to reflect on what we are truly grateful for.

We asked some of our employees to share their traditions and what they are most thankful for when it comes to their personal and professional lives:

Continue reading What the Induron Team is Thankful for this Year

Working with Heart

By: Tom Wunderlin, Induron Sales Representative

At Induron we are never satisfied with where we are. There is always room for improvement. The harder we work, the more positive results we reap. It requires commitment to the team and buying in to team goals. If you don’t show up, you’re letting the team down.  We all want to be the reliable teammate who consistently performs, shows up and works hard with focus, determination and heart. Continue reading Working with Heart

The Limp Blimp

By: Jeff White, Induron Sales Representative

There are times when life is stranger than fiction. Pictured below is a funny story from Induron’s history. Barry Peters, our Customer Service Department Manager, is a great storyteller. Recently, he fessed up to this during one of our conversations. I have been at Induron for 17 years and no one has ever brought it up. The incident occurred in 1992-1993. Make sure to take note of the clandestine operation that it took to recover the “Indurall Blimp.” I hope you are as entertained by it as I am! The article reads: Continue reading The Limp Blimp

Meet the Newest Member of our Team: Kassidy White

We’re excited to welcome Kassidy White to the Induron team! Kassidy graduated from the University of North Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Chemistry. During college, Kassidy worked for a non-profit organization as a Lab Analyst, which gave her experience tackling tasks like what she will do here at Induron. Continue reading Meet the Newest Member of our Team: Kassidy White