Building a Great Team Starts with Connection

By: Steve Freed, Induron Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Teams form in all aspects of life. We typically associate a team with sports, and in Philadelphia, we’ve had a pretty good run of success recently even though we haven’t gotten over that final hurdle just yet. Our Phillies competed in the World Series, and of course, the Eagles had a great run this season that ended with a very entertaining and tightly-contested Super Bowl. 

Why do I bring this up?  

An article published during the onslaught of press we saw in the two weeks between championship games and the Super Bowl provided a great reminder of putting connection first. 

Not long after Nick Sirianni was hired as the Eagles’ head coach in 2021, he asked general manager Howie Roseman a question Roseman wasn’t expecting. 

“When are we hanging out this summer?”

Roseman recalled that moment the day before the Eagles departed Philadelphia for Phoenix and Super Bowl LVII. He told the story because it gives even more insight into Sirianni and his most important core value. 

Because connecting isn’t just for coaches and players. It’s for everyone. 

Connection is for everyone! Great working relationships don’t just happen. They take intentional effort. 

At Induron, we prioritize connection, and not just connection within our company, but perhaps even more importantly the connection we share with our customers as well as the engineers and owners that we serve.  

How do we provide great service?  

By putting connection first and focusing on every relationship. Each contractor, engineer, and owner’s representative provides another opportunity to connect and grow relationships across teams.  

Teams that work together to get projects completed, and assets protected allow us to work hard and remain focused on what’s truly important: serving our customers by providing reliable protection through innovative coatings.

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