Induron Sales Representative Joins the Georgia Mining Association

Carl Moye Joins the Georgia Mining AssociaitionInduron is proud to be the newest Associate Member of the Georgia Mining Association, and we look forward to supporting the mining industry in the state of Georgia. Carl Moye, our Sales Representative for the state of Georgia, has devoted more than 15 years to the mining industry and will continue to support the industry through his involvement with GMA. Before joining Induron’s team, Carl worked in a purchasing role in the Georgia mining industry. He’s also has been on the Georgia Mining Association’s Membership Committee for five years. 

Founded in 1972, the Georgia Mining Association is a Georgia trade association dedicated to helping mining companies and allied trade members succeed, understand, comply and function in a complex business and regulatory world. The Georgia Mining Association strives to protect and promote the mining industry in the state by monitoring legislative issues relevant to the mining industry, providing information and education to its members, and distributing information to the public about how minerals and mining impact our economy and wellbeing.

Across the state of Georgia, there are numerous mineral processing plants. Each of these is made up of storage tanks, buildings and processing equipment, which need fresh layers of industrial coatings from year to year. Some of the more weathered tanks, buildings and equipment that have been in operation for years require an especially dependable industrial coating to keep them in good condition. At Induron, we manufacture Ceramic Epoxies that can get the job done and keep these plants operating.

As a privately-owned manufacturer of industrial coatings, Induron offers a diverse product line that protects assets from corrosion while maintaining their aesthetically pleasing appearance, whether the project is water tower painting, electrical tower maintenance, general corrosion protection or industrial floor coatings.

Carl will be the primary contact for all the mining locations throughout Georgia. He will provide technical backup and sales support from our Birmingham locations, as necessary. Induron will also have the opportunity attend the GMA Annual Convention and exhibit as a supporting supplier of the Georgia mining industry.

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