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Building a Great Team Starts with Connection

By: Steve Freed, Induron Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Teams form in all aspects of life. We typically associate a team with sports, and in Philadelphia, we’ve had a pretty good run of success recently even though we haven’t gotten over that final hurdle just yet. Our Phillies competed in the World Series, and of course, the Eagles had a great run this season that ended with a very entertaining and tightly-contested Super Bowl.  Continue reading Building a Great Team Starts with Connection

Cooperation is a Powerful Tool

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend the annual Guild CPO Conference held at The Drake in Downtown Chicago, IL. As a 20-year-old organization made up of small- and medium-sized paint manufacturing companies, Guild CPO was organized to provide cooperative purchasing services for its member companies in order to improve their profitability. That’s a really nice way to say that the group is similar to a buyer’s co-op, where cooperation and teamwork really do help lift all. When it’s done right, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” As a longtime member and participant, I think that this group is currently doing it right! Continue reading Cooperation is a Powerful Tool

Setting Value

By: Tom Wunderlin, Induron Sales Representative

Tom WunderlinThe number of customers Induron retains is a strong indicator of value delivery. Understanding the value our products and services bring to business partners and customers is paramount to ongoing growth and success. A product’s value to its users is not always an apples-to-apples comparison. We watch and participate with clients using our products to see how well they accomplish their tasks. Continue reading Setting Value

Induron’s Operations Team Meets Quarterly Quality Goals

By: Jeff White, Induron EVP & General Manager

Gearheads galore! The Induron Operations team recently celebrated meeting its quarterly quality goals! These goals not only measure the quality of paint we are producing, but also how we are servicing our customers. The goals we set are not “gimme goals,” because we like a challenge. And, we don’t always reach them, but when we do, it’s worth celebrating. Continue reading Induron’s Operations Team Meets Quarterly Quality Goals

Overcoming Giants

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

I remember being both moved and inspired by this full-page advertisement for Maserati in USA Today a few years ago on the Monday after the Super Bowl. The Patriots won… but that’s not this story. The ad copy read Continue reading Overcoming Giants

Coated in Customer Service

By: John Bray, UL guest blogger

Finding success in any competitive market involves quality products that help you stand out from the competition, successful marketing campaigns to draw attention, and a deep understanding of the industry. Of course, all of this can mean very little without customer service to back it up. That’s why Induron focuses heavily on service and, since its founding, has prioritized customer relationships. Continue reading Coated in Customer Service

Induron’s Unwritten Rules

By: Paul Powers, Induron Sales Representative

Doug Granville’s recent article, Baseball’s Unwritten Rules, explores how our national pastime governs itself in matters like etiquette, respect, character and values that you won’t find in the rule books. He applies it to some life lessons, as well. Continue reading Induron’s Unwritten Rules

Induron Celebrates Meeting Quality Goals

By: Jeff White, Induron EVP & General Manager

The last time you heard from me was in a blog about our Annual Christmas party. At that event, the Induron team not only celebrated the Christmas Holiday, but also our safety record and awards. Another thing we like to celebrate, which falls in line with our core value of “reliability,” is when we meet our quality goal. We only have one goal when it comes to quality: Get our customers the product they need. Continue reading Induron Celebrates Meeting Quality Goals

Meet Induron’s Technical Service Director

By: Ben Rowland, Induron Technical Service Director

Having been employed by Induron Protective Coatings for over 10 years now, I’ve been able to watch the company grow consistently. In recent years, namely 2017, things have ramped up beyond what I would consider consistent growth. We have a dedicated sales team far larger than ever before. We have a geographic footprint more expansive than it has ever been before. We are delving into more diversified markets/industries than ever before.  In the midst of all these “ever before” statements, we’ve maintained our ability to serve our various customers and markets as well as any manufacturer in the industry. Continue reading Meet Induron’s Technical Service Director

Induron’s Annual Christmas Luncheon & Safety Record

By: Jeff White, Induron EVP & General Manager

At Induron, we strive to have a family atmosphere. Though we are not perfect and do have some disagreements from time to time, we do like to celebrate.

One of our favorite celebrations is our annual Christmas Luncheon. It enables us to slow down for a minute and enjoy some fellowship before the holidays. Continue reading Induron’s Annual Christmas Luncheon & Safety Record