Monthly Archives: July 2022

Defining Industry Challenges

By: Bill Seawell, Induron Technical Service Manager

Aqua Pennsylvania Sproul Road Water TankBack in 2017, Induron’s National Sales Manager, Andy Odorzynski wrote an article emphasizing the need to define the challenges our industry faces in standardizing its approach to coatings in the water industry at large. Now, five years later, the water industry is still facing these fundamental issues. Below, I categorize, itemize and discuss some of these challenges.  Continue reading Defining Industry Challenges

A Proven Solution for an Aging Grid

By: Ben Rowland, Induron Protective Coatings

As the United States and the rest of the world’s electrical infrastructure grid is aging, it’s imperative we start addressing these structures in a manner that can substantially increase the life cycle of these assets. Induron Protective Coatings is an industry leader in high performance coatings with particular proven expertise in corrosion control in Power Transmission & Distribution applications.  Continue reading A Proven Solution for an Aging Grid