How Induron is like the National Champions in College Basketball

By: Tex Enoch, Induron Sales Representative

Recently, the Villanova Wildcats defeated the University of North Carolina Tarheels to win the NCAA National Championship as an undersized, scrappy, disciplined and determined unit.

Growing up in Philadelphia, I played my share of basketball.  I also grew up watching the Big Five play and loved every minute of it.  LaSalle, St. Joe’s, Temple, Penn and Villanova all had their shot playing the big guys from across the country.  These games were especially fun to watch. Though I opted to go to college in D.C., I continued to keep track of the national successes of these teams. 

While following Villanova’s drive to the championship, I realized Induron shares similar qualities with the basketball team. For example, Induron and Villanova are both underdogs. As a small paint manufacturing company, Induron competes each day against much larger and better-financed national paint companies. We may not win every battle, but we seem to get our share.

Likewise, each Villanova player shares the same focus, playing “Villanova Basketball.”  The Induron team comes to work every day with the same goal: To provide high-quality products coupled with the very best customer service and support we can possibly provide.  We have focused markets and manage to more than hold our own in them.

All in all, the Villanova basketball team provided us with inspiration to remain focused on being the best we can be no matter what competition we face.

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