Monthly Archives: September 2017

GSU Restores Floors with PermaTuff SL

By: Carl Moye, Induron Sales Representative

Georgia Southern University (GSU), located in Statesboro, GA, was experiencing flooring issues in its Newton Hall Building, which endures heavy student traffic. I began working with GSU on this project two years ago, and in May 2017, we finally received approval to move forward. Continue reading GSU Restores Floors with PermaTuff SL

Today’s Technologies: Waukee Water Tower Project

By: Kent Keuhl, Induron Sales Representative

In today’s ever-changing world in the technologies marketplace, the use of pictures and videos for promotion of a company has transformed dramatically over the years.  At one time, a single photo told the story of a particular project or event.  The branding of a company was as simple as a go-to product that differentiates itself in the market.  For example, Induron’s ceramic modified epoxy coatings are unique to the coatings industry and differentiate our company.  Continue reading Today’s Technologies: Waukee Water Tower Project

What to Know About Indurlux 9400

By: David Parnell, Induron Industrial Finishes National Business & Distribution Manager

Epoxy Siloxane technology was introduced to the industry in the early 1990s, and has since gone through many changes to become what it is today. Induron has recently developed a world-class, high-gloss and tint-able Epoxy PolySiloxane Coating that we like to call Indurlux 9400. Continue reading What to Know About Indurlux 9400

We’ve Got Your Back

By: Linc York, Retired Induron Sales Representative

When my wife and I visited the Black Canyon of the Gunnison many years ago, I realized that I had a fear of heights. As I approached a guard rail along the canyon edge to admire it’s incredible depth, I literally stopped in my tracks. I slowly inched the remaining 20 feet, but became extremely uncomfortable.  I did not feel secure or trust the guard rail. Continue reading We’ve Got Your Back