Today’s Technologies: Waukee Water Tower Project

By: Kent Keuhl, Induron Sales Representative

In today’s ever-changing world in the technologies marketplace, the use of pictures and videos for promotion of a company has transformed dramatically over the years.  At one time, a single photo told the story of a particular project or event.  The branding of a company was as simple as a go-to product that differentiates itself in the market.  For example, Induron’s ceramic modified epoxy coatings are unique to the coatings industry and differentiate our company. 

This drone footage provided by Waukee Ariel is a recent example of today’s new technology and how it tells a story.  The video footage provided shows the time-lapsed footage of an elevated water storage tank that was sandblasted and painted by J. R. Stelzer Co., a company based out of Lincoln, Nebraska with more than 40 years serving the industry.

The video offers a unique perspective and view of the tank painting process that not all people get to see.  In addition to prepping and painting, this tank required a containment system to cut down and virtually eliminate fugitive dust and debris. The blasting process along with the application of the zinc primer, intermediate, finish coats of urethane, and finally the application of the cities name and logo complete and add the finishing touches to the project.  It’s amazing how this 3-month-long project can be condensed into a 3-minute video! Check it out below!

Jeremy McMahon, P.E. with Stanley Consultants Inc. out of their Des Moines, Iowa office was the engineer in charge of the project.  Induron enjoyed working with all parties on this project and looks forward to working with them again in the future!

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