Monthly Archives: August 2023

What is going on in the T&D Market?

By: Ben Rowland, Induron T&D Sales

T&DThe T&D market for Induron has seen a lot of activity in recent months. There are increasingly more discussions amongst major utilities regarding the FERC Order that went into effect over a year ago now.  Continue reading What is going on in the T&D Market?

A New Look for TL-70

By: Andy Odorzynski, Induron National Sales Manager

Coatings for the water tank industry have undergone major changes in recent years. The implementation of NSF-600, supply chain woes, and new technological innovation have all come together to result in a more rapidly changing set of linings than the industry has seen for quite some time. While service life expectations remain fantastic with these newer technologies, many of these newer coatings (or poorly adjusted re-treads of existing technology) have resulted in real challenges for applicators. Induron’s TL-70 is a tried-and-true solution with decades of success under its belt, and some new capabilities that make it a leading choice in today’s water tank lining reality.  Continue reading A New Look for TL-70