We’ve Got Your Back

By: Linc York, Retired Induron Sales Representative

When my wife and I visited the Black Canyon of the Gunnison many years ago, I realized that I had a fear of heights. As I approached a guard rail along the canyon edge to admire it’s incredible depth, I literally stopped in my tracks. I slowly inched the remaining 20 feet, but became extremely uncomfortable.  I did not feel secure or trust the guard rail.

Several years before, I promised our youngest daughter, Jennifer, that I would skydive with her one day. She turned 40 last week, and guess what, she decided to celebrate by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane at 10,500 feet. Naturally, I was reminded of my promise and, at first, I was reluctant and uncomfortable at the thought. I’m 66 and just retired. I have a cruise vacation planned. I could break a leg or worse. But, I would be humiliated if I chose not to honor a promise I made to my daughter.

During the few days I had to make my decision, I wondered if I could confront my fear and feel secure enough to jump from a height of two miles. Though I would not climb a 50-foot ladder, I have comfortably zip lined twice at that height. The ziplining did not phase me because I was harnessed to a steel cable and there was no way I could be injured or fall. I trusted the cable, the instructor and felt very secure. Once I learned that we would “tandem” skydive with an experienced, qualified and certified instructor who would literally be strapped to my back, very securely, I decided I could confront my fear.

So, we made the reservation for Gateway Skydiving Center where we met our two instructors who gave us safety training and a detailed description of what to expect. I watched as they packed their own chutes and felt that they could be trusted. My instructor, David, had more than 1,100 jumps and Jennifer’s instructor, Arnel, had more than 4,500 jumps. Our instructors fitted us into our safety harnesses. I was surprised and a little concerned at how loose mine was. Then, we loaded into the plane, climbed to 10,500 feet and when the one minute warning was given my instructor tightened my harness to his as if we were one.

I’ve never felt so secure until he opened the door, placed his right leg on the small step and told me to do the same while leaning outside the plane. The noise was loud and the wind was strong as I stepped out and looked at the ground two miles below us. There was a second of hesitation, but I really did trust him, so off we went. It was AWESOME! My daughter and I will have that memory for the rest of our lives. I am so glad I conquered my fear and placed my trust in an expert who made our security his priority.

Now, what does this story have to do with protective coatings?

Frankly, Induron Protective Coatings is much the same. Every product is formulated and rigorously tested to assure that it will perform to the highest standards. Every sales person has years of experience, training and certification. They can be trusted to recommend the product and system that meets and exceeds your needs.  Part of the mission statement at Gateway Skydiving is, “Our staff is very passionate and knowledgeable about what they do and will make sure that you have an unforgettable experience.” Similarly, Induron’s mission statement is “Integrity, Respect, Reliability, Innovation.” Our products and our sales force can be trusted. Give us a call, we’ve got your back!

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