A “Feel Good” Story Worth Telling

By: Paul Powers, Induron Sales Representative

St. Louis isn’t without its memorable sports events—a few trips to the Super Bowl and 11 World Series wins. After all, it’s considered a quintessential baseball town by many. But, our “diamond in the rough” sport, Blues Hockey and their recent championship, is the focus of this story!

Hockey in St. Louis has a great following with a beautiful facility, and a growing impact in the community. The Blues have made it to the playoffs in the past, but no Lord Stanley Cup in the trophy case… until now!

If you were looking for a “feel good” turnaround story, you really don’t have to search any further than the 2019 St. Louis Blues. On January 6, 2019 this team had the worst record in the NHL. This was disappointing for a team picked by several hockey aficionados to go all the way. Many had already written them off. However, the story began to turn when there was a change in leadership and a new, goalie joined the team. In hockey, like in business, leadership and talent matter

The team went on an 11-game winning streak to set a new franchise record. The momentum was climbing, and the city was pulling together to rally behind them. One of the most amazing things we witnessed was the composure of the players. They maintained a “one game at a time” and a “manage the things that you can control” attitude. During the playoffs, the same principles applied and were expressed: “We are confident,” “It will take all of us working together,” “One step at a time.” These life lessons truly are a proven formula for success and helped the Blues succeed. They are easy to say but hard to do! This same attitude is helping Induron succeed in the markets that we service. My guess is that it can help you, too!

As a third generation, family-owned coatings manufacturer, Induron is often the underdog competing with much larger, publicly traded corporations. However, like the Blues Hockey team, we realize that true winners fight to overcome competition with confidence, teamwork and persistence. While our nimble size does give us some advantages, we work hard and remain focused on what’s truly important: Serving our customers by providing Reliable Protection Through Innovative Coatings.

All in all, I think we can all learn a little by the Blues Hockey team’s relentless example. What an amazing ride, moral boost and life lesson!


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