Pipe Coatings & Linings Market Knowledge

By: Chris Rowell, Induron Sales Representative

Long ago in the mid 90’s, I found myself on the perilous edge of a limestone quarry in Alabama. It was August—the time when the heat turns up and lingers to remind you that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…Hotter than six shades of hell.  Hotter than a $2 pistol

I was visiting a job site on this particular day to spend hours grinding out the bells of some pieces of large diameter ductile iron pipe. At the time, I was a recent college graduate and somewhere in the middle of that scorcher afternoon, I started wondering what in the world I was doing out in the waist-high snake weeds—especially after already spending months working in the molten foundry that actually made the pipe.

What path would I ever take where this knowledge would be handy?

Fast forward 20 some-odd years and boom…questions answered. I’ve been very lucky in life to work in prior businesses that prepared me in many ways for my responsibilities at Induron. Charged with sales for pipe coatings and linings, I spend a large part of my days discussing subjects that may not include pipe coatings and linings, but rather pipe joint configurations, differences in pipe materials, methods of installation, and the vast array of contractors, distributors and supply chains that make our world go round.

Here I am, it’s a hot August, and I find that I’ve made a meaningful circle.

A wise man once told me that we must spend the largest portion of our time knowing the thing itself before we can know how to successfully protect that thing.  Truly knowing our customer’s products first is a necessary and, thankfully, a valued part of the company culture at Induron.

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