Innovative Coating Protecting Our Service Members

By Jeff White, Induron Sales Manager

Coatings technologies turn up in some pretty amazing places, including in applications to protect our military. The newest innovation is in camouflage face paint. Every soldier has used it, from the government-issue sticks that felt like sandpaper on your face to the easier-on-your-skin “camo compact” that looks like your wife’s makeup kit – only in browns, black and greens.

Now researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi have developed a face paint that provides protection from intense bursts of heat – a situation that often faces our service members when they’re in the vicinity of an IED detonation. This technology looks like a big step towards protecting our service members from future burns from IED explosions. Additionally, it has applications for another group of heroes – firefighters and emergency responders.

Check out this link for the full story from PaintSquare magazine. And on this Patriot Day, we extend our sincere thanks to those service members, firefighters, police officers and others who give of themselves every day to keep our communities and our country safe.

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