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The Challenges of OTC Regulations

By: Tom Wunderlin, Induron Sales Representative

The paint and coatings industries have made strides toward reducing air pollution dating back to the 1980s. Current regulations have lowered the amount of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from coatings products in different regions and will continue to do so in the future. This discussion is based on a regional or national standard for achieving these air quality goals. Continue reading The Challenges of OTC Regulations

Equivalencies in Engineering Specifications

By: George Shannon, Induron Sales Representative

Paint Square recently published an article discussing equivalencies in engineering specifications. Most of the narrative focused on the technical comparison of products. Specifically, the two biggest questions regarding this issue are:

Continue reading Equivalencies in Engineering Specifications

The Epoxies You Need for Concrete Floors

By: Linc York, Induron Sales Representative

PTSL - forlift picSelf-leveling epoxies have been used to protect and beautify concrete floors for many years. Typically, these epoxies are 100% volume solids featuring high-gloss and very low odor. In the last decade, many advances in the formula have been made and Induron’s Perma-Tuff SL embodies those advances.

Induron Perma-Tuff SL can be used as a primer and finish coat. It is readily available in nearly any color—from white to safety colors. The epoxy also contains a special “low-yellowing” curing agent that mitigates the typical yellowing associated with this class of epoxy coatings. Perma-Tuff SL has a user-friendly, 2:1 mixing ratio by volume, a 30-minute pot life and can be walked on after curing overnight. Continue reading The Epoxies You Need for Concrete Floors

True Investment in Infrastructure – It’s Worth the Effort

By Davies Hood, Induron President

As we approach the November elections in our politically-charged atmosphere, we’ve been hearing a lot about “investing in infrastructure” from one side and “debt reduction” from the other. In this article from Water & Waste Digest magazine, Benjamin Grumbles makes some suggestions that those in power should at least consider.

Although Mr. Grumbles speaks as the president of the Clean Water America Alliance (and when I hear that, I immediately think both “bureaucracy” and “lobbyist”), he writes in favor of such radical ideas as charging customers the true cost of water, promoting public/private partnerships in the water industry, and planning both water and wastewater infrastructure projects as part of the larger integrated community planning process. Not too radical when you think about it, right? Continue reading True Investment in Infrastructure – It’s Worth the Effort

Induron: Rescuing Tanks from Kids with Rocks

By: Linc York, Induron Sales Representative

Boys will be boys. And boys will throw rocks.

In Olathe, Kansas, those thrown rocks turned into a huge recoating project when the city planned to coat their 4.5 million-gallon standpipe, called Black Bob 2. Because the tank is located in a busy city park, some of the town’s youngsters threw rocks at it, chipping off the paint and causing corrosion and undercutting. Continue reading Induron: Rescuing Tanks from Kids with Rocks

Induron: Keeping You From Looking like a Dummy

By David Hood, Induron CEO

By David Hood, Induron CEO

Nobody likes to look like an dummy. Especially you.

Now, Induron can’t keep you from looking like an dummy if you install a ceiling fan and forget to cut off the electricity at the breaker box.  Or if you try your wife’s yoga class.  Or if you dress up like the back end of a horse for Halloween.

But we CAN help prevent it if you work with us on a project. Let me explain.

When we say that we’re with you before, during and after a project, we don’t just mean that we’re standing there, hovering over you, watching you work (because that would be strange). We mean that our sales reps want to ensure that the owner of the project is pleased. Continue reading Induron: Keeping You From Looking like a Dummy

Are your specs “clear as mud”?

“The Specification.” The basis of all construction projects. It is the bridge between ideas and structures, the all-important first step between a concept and, in the case of this article from PaintSquare, a coal tar enamel coated, fiberglass wrapped water pipe. When the “spec” is correct there is a great probability of success on any project.  And by “correct”, what I really mean is for the spec to be SPECIFIC. Continue reading Are your specs “clear as mud”?