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Selling the Induron Way

By Russell Hicks

Growing up in the Deep South, as a kid I was taught certain key values, such as, “Respect your elders.” It was important to have integrity and being viewed a reliable person was always a good thing.

As I have grown older, looking around at the landscape of today, these values don’t seem to be held with as high regard as they were back in the “good ole days.” Continue reading Selling the Induron Way

Partners in Values

By Barry Peters, Induron Customer Service Manager

Southeastern Freight Award for InduronInduron is proud to have received the Award of Distinction as a Top 25 Customer for 2012 by Southeastern Freight Lines. This award is an acknowledgement of the amount of products shipped in 2012, which was a very good year for Induron.

But to me, what’s more important than this award is that we, as a company, get to do business with another company that shares our values. At the bottom of the award, it says, “For loyalty, character and integrity in the spirit of true partnership.” This is similar to Induron’s core values: “integrity, respect, reliability and innovation.” Continue reading Partners in Values