Success at AWWA National Meeting

By Tex Enoch

Oftentimes, national conventions are dominated by large companies who have the money and manpower to overwhelm attendees with ostentatious displays and aisle space.  Smaller companies must be much more selective in their approach.  Because their budgets are much smaller, their focus must be on careful planning and targeted customer selection. 

This year’s American Water Works Association (AWWA) annual exhibition in Boston (ACE) was an example of how Induron Protective Coatings did just that.  With only a 10’ x 10’ booth and just four people manning that booth, we managed to, not only successfully target our six most important customers, but also demonstrate our three newest and most innovative products to the rest of those attending.

Induron did this by carefully scheduling outside events for our most important customers.  Dinners at outside venues enabled Induron personal to thank these customers and, at the same time, show them the added value that these new products are providing them.  This was done in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere – away from the hub-bub and bustle of the convention floor.

Our participation in National Committee meetings also demonstrated to the whole water community the importance that we attache to giving back to the industry for what it has given Induron.  We did that by lending the unquestioned experience and knowledge of our key people to those committee meetings.

The biggest key to the success we had at this meeting was the preparation we put into it.  I have been to over 35 of these meetings and this was, by far, the most successful one in which I have ever participated.

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