Induron Celebrates 67 Years in the Coatings Industry

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By David Hood, Induron President

Induron Coatings, LLC was founded in June, 1947 as The Industrial Paint Company, Inc. That was 67 years ago!
Later, in 1965, the company name was changed to Indurall Coatings, Inc and in 1995, to Induron Coatings. Our company has survived (thrived) under three generations of Hoods (with a ton of help from others, especially Louis Prosch, Jr.). I am proud that I was able to take over from my dad and consolidate ownership to our family and eliminate conflicting objectives. I am also proud that my son, Davies, has taken over from me. We have beat the odds and survived for a long time in an industry in which consolidation has been rampant for years. What’s so special about us?

I think it is as simple as creating a company culture built on competence, respect, openness and integrity. Our fellow employees are dedicated to our company and our industry as demonstrated by the fact that our average employee’s “paint tenure” is 20.4 years. That is not a number inflated by a few “old timers’ as the median tenure is 19 years. There is a lot of experience behind every gallon of Induron Protective Coating and every recommendation we make. How do we generate such loyalty?

Integrity: We tell the truth at Induron, even when it hurts. That builds confidence and loyalty in customers as well as fellow employees.

Respect: I was taught years ago that all honest work is honorable. We respect our co-workers, our vendors, our customers, the mail delivery people, the freight line people, the people who keep our office, lab and factory clean and everybody else with whom we come in contact. I don’t mean some of us do. Everybody at Induron does because we believe that everybody is someone important.

Reliability: We do what we say we do. The difficult is easy for us, the impossible is a challenge we love!

Innovation: We are innovative in everything we do. We take advice and suggestions based on merit, not source. We formulate, produce, recommend and deliver innovative products. We work all day every day improving in everything we do.

Induron-Reliable Protection Through Innovative Coatings—reliably produced by experienced people!

By the way, although I am the oldest employee, we have one who has even more paint experience!

Founded in 1947, Induron manufactures high performance coatings that serve a range of industrial applications, including the wastewater, transmission and distribution and groundwater storage industries. Learn more about us at 

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