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Take me to your Leader (in corrosion control)

By Kendall Smith, Induron Sales Rep

Marvin the Martian

Did you ever notice that when the future is portrayed in movies (especially in dystopian sci-fi movies), nothing gets properly maintained? There are no corrosion consultants specifying abrasive blasting, containments, chloride removal, 3-coat coating systems, spray application, etc?

Perhaps in the future there will be limited budgets for all the elements of a successful coatings job that people have come to believe are necessary. However, those elements are not always needed for a great coatings project.

So what would I recommend to a post-Armageddon society to keep rust at bay while keeping inter-galactic costs low? Induron’s Induraguard 9200 and E-Bond! Continue reading Take me to your Leader (in corrosion control)

Five Ways to Get Barrier Protection In One Coat

By Kendall Smith, Induron Sales Rep


Need a way to get great barrier protection? How about five?

Induraguard 9200 provides you with five mechanisms of barrier protection. We’ve always provided you with surface tolerant, self-priming,  single-component, sustainably designed and easy-to-use products, but when that’s not enough, Induron’s formulators decided to raise the bar even higher by incorporating five overlapping barrier features:

  1. 10-12 mils DFT of resin hardens by oxidation to provide the first barrier against rain, salt fog and air-borne pollution.
  2. The micaceous iron oxide pigment, which is lamellar in shape, gives the outermost layer a “labyrinth-effect” barrier protection.
  3. If the moisture eventually gets around the tortuous path of the micaceous iron oxide, it will react with the zinc dust (another pathway impeding pigment) to form…
  4. …oxides, that will further fill up the voids in the coating and make the film an even better barrier than before.
  5. The ceramic microspheres add the fifth different shape and size to the pigment mix, and also help with the edge retention of the coating.

What does all this show? Don’t settle for less, when the best is available from Induron!

Founded in 1947, Induron manufactures high performance coatings that serve a range of industrial applications, including the wastewater, transmission and distribution and groundwater storage industries. Learn more about us at www.Induron.com.  


The Least Technologically Advanced Product We Offer

By Kendall Smith, Induron Power Market Manager

Nowadays, you can’t get used to one gadget before another one comes along that’s better, smaller or cheaper. Technology changes the products we use almost daily, and once you’ve committed to something – say, a laptop or iPod – it’s only a matter of time before what you’ve selected is obsolete.

That’s why Induron’s Induraguard 9200 is my favorite product we sell. Not because it’s technologically advanced, but because it’s technologically UNadvanced! Let me explain… Continue reading The Least Technologically Advanced Product We Offer