Why We’re Thankful for Industrial Coatings

Happy Thanksgiving message with assorted pumpkinsBy Davies Hood, Induron President

This Thanksgiving, we hope you have many, many things to be thankful for. We know we have been blessed at Induron Coatings. As we’ve gone through this season, we’ve been thinking about the things we can be thankful for as a result of industrial coatings.

Throughout history, but especially since the Industrial Revolution, industrial coatings have helped reduce corrosion and improve the effectiveness of many of the industrial structures that have allowed our society to develop at an astronomical pace. When I say “industrial structures” you might be thinking of steel plants, chemical producing facilities, sky-scrapers or even airports and train terminals.

I’m actually talking about some of the truly “sexy” stuff… ductile iron sewer lines, potable water storage tanks and lattice-leg electrical transmission towers! Yes, the structures that allow you to easily brush your teeth at night, flush the toilet and turn on a light after the sun goes down (which is way too early this time of year!) In short, industrial coatings have helped improve our standard of living.

We are fortunate that on Thanksgiving Day, we will gather in homes with clean running water, indoor toilets, energy that provides heat and the ability to cook and store food.

These things are all possible thanks to industrial coatings and those who work in the industry by applying their knowledge and expertise to help communities. But there are many people in less developed countries who haven’t yet had the chance to see and benefit from the results of these advances. Many of us in America have so much, and the things we worry about pale in comparison to the challenges faced by people living in less developed countries.

As we give thanks for the bounty we enjoy this Thanksgiving, we remember those who do not have clean water, proper sanitation or reliable electric power. Our prayer and hope is that one day all communities on earth will be healthy, safe places for people to live and work.

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