Cutting Through the Clutter to Build Trust

social clutterBy Davies Hood, Induron President

As a family business that’s been around for more than 65 years, Induron has learned a thing or two about  building a good reputation and establishing trust. We hope that we’ve done a good job at both. We certainly have learned valuable lessons through both successes and failures. Be wary of any business or person that has been around for 65+ years that claims otherwise. Because of an effort to learn from our mistakes, integrity and good fortune, we are still around. But we feel that can do even better going forward.

There’s a lot of communication in the world today – through texting, email and social media especially. But within all those words, tweets and pics being shared, it’s WHAT we say that really matters. We want what we say to the water and wastewater industries to be the absolute truth. We work hard to build trust and be reliable.

This article really spoke to me about reputation and trust. I like the example used from a Fast Company study about Apple Inc. and Microsoft. They asked a target group of customers, “Which company are you more likely to cut some slack for:  Apple or Microsoft?” Not surprisingly, Apple was the winner, because they know how to communicate. Apple communicates by primarily helping potential buyers make good buying decisions so they feel more comfortable working with and buying from Apple. A large part of this has to do with trust.

Obviously when talking about industrial coatings things are a little different, but we hope that through the information shared on this blog, the tools on our website and our sales reps who are always willing to share their knowledge, we are doing the same thing. We want to always live up to our motto, “Reliable protection through innovative coatings.”

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