Project Spotlight: 250K Elevated Water Storage Tank Reconditioning

By: Tom Wunderlin, Induron Sales Representative

After 25 years of service, Maryland Environmental Service’s 250K Elevated Hospital-Front Water Storage Tank located in Crownsville, Maryland was due for reconditioning.  Fortunately, the project posed no real or extraordinary challenges, according to the owner, consulting engineer, inspector and contractor. Continue reading Project Spotlight: 250K Elevated Water Storage Tank Reconditioning

2018 in Review

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

As Induron Coatings entered our seventh decade of providing “Reliable Protection Through Innovative Coatings,” we knew that change and adaptation was necessary to continue with our mission. Don’t get me wrong, 2017 was a record year in terms of sales, team building and company culture at Induron. But, the real takeaway from our 70th Anniversary Celebration, was that in order to succeed in business, companies had to constantly adapt and continue to work to improve culture. At Induron, we have a proven track record of both. Here are a few examples: Continue reading 2018 in Review

The Original Induron Blog

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

With the Induron blog, we strive to provide readers with unique insight into our company—a “Look Beneath the Surface,” if you will. Our blog content ranges from project profiles, industry insights and product highlights to softer pieces, such as employee spotlights, motivational advice and personal stories. Recently, I came across a “‘when I grow up’ paper I wrote as a 6-year-old that could be considered as “The Original Induron Blog.”  It read:  Continue reading The Original Induron Blog

Top Projects of 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, Induron is excited to unveil its top 5 projects of the year! We have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with customers and contractors across the nation to complete various projects from water tank rehabs to floor coatings. Learn more about each project below! Continue reading Top Projects of 2018

The Story of The REAL Santa Claus

By: David Hood, Induron CEO

As the Christmas season begins, I enjoy reminiscing on the special memories and traditions that the holidays hold. One of my favorite Christmas memories is my dad dressing up as Santa Claus and bringing joy to the Birmingham community. Continue reading The Story of The REAL Santa Claus

Induron Holiday Traditions

Now that December is in full swing, we’re getting excited for the holidays! As you know, family is important to us at Induron. We love our Induron family and spending time together at work during the holidays, but we also love hearing about the traditions and memories our team has with their own families at home. Here are some of the Induron family’s favorite holiday traditions and memories: Continue reading Induron Holiday Traditions

Induron Launches New Premium Epoxy Primer

Induron is excited to announce the launch of its newest product, CeramaPrime Epoxy Primer. With this product, Induron distilled the proven and unmatched performance qualities of our high-build ceramic epoxy linings into a thin-film ceramic epoxy primer. CeramaPrime Epoxy Primer is formulated to offer an array of benefits, including: Continue reading Induron Launches New Premium Epoxy Primer

Coated in Customer Service

By: John Bray, UL guest blogger

Finding success in any competitive market involves quality products that help you stand out from the competition, successful marketing campaigns to draw attention, and a deep understanding of the industry. Of course, all of this can mean very little without customer service to back it up. That’s why Induron focuses heavily on service and, since its founding, has prioritized customer relationships. Continue reading Coated in Customer Service