Safety and Efficiency: Mutually Exclusive?

By Mike Nelms, Induron Production Manager

Can you be safe AND efficient? Absolutely – if you practice safety and efficiency in the correct fashion.

We’re all looking to be more efficient in our daily tasks, but safety is paramount. How many times have you heard someone in your facility say, “If you put a guard on that, it will slow me down!”?

The key to countering statements like that is to ensure you’re installing the RIGHT type of safety guard for the process being performed, the ergonomics and the machine type itself. If you do this, safety and efficiency can live in harmony. Continue reading

‘Incentives for Safety’ Paying Dividends

By Davies Hood, Induron President

In my last safety blog, I commented on the importance of safety in the workplace, and Induron’s mission to support this further in 2013. We kicked off a new incentive plan that year, which focused on no Lost Time Accidents (LTAs), no unexcused absences, and overall improved commitment to safety in our work environment.

I also commented on how we encouraged these goals with prize awards, and that we had six individuals in the operations department meet these goals. We celebrated with a Christmas luncheon and the big prize give-a-way, and it was pretty obvious that this program was effective, and was worth continuing in some form going forward.  Continue reading

Why Industry Involvement Makes Induron Better

By David Hood

I was four years old when my dad William Hood and Louis Prosch started The Industrial Paint Company, Inc. – now Induron Coatings, LLC – in 1947.  That was a long time ago!

Some of my earliest memories of “the business” (not “the factory” – that fascinated me from the first day I saw it) are dinners at home with paint industry people from faraway places like Atlanta, Louisville, Madison and Washington, DC. I thought they were amazing, the most worldly people I ever saw. My mom and dad seemed to enjoy the relationships and the conversations went on long after my bedtime. Many years later, I discovered what had been going on. Continue reading

The Power Poles that should have always been

By Chris Rowell, Induron Sales Rep

Sometimes there are products that have so many advantages, you wonder why they haven’t been around since the dawn of time. Take the iPad, for instance. Or solar calculators. Or The Price is Right.

Like the combination of ductile iron and ceramic epoxy paint coatings for the electrical transmission and distribution industry. Let me explain. Continue reading

Davies Hood Interviewed by IEEE

Recently, Induron President, Davies Hood, was interviewed by IEEE, (pronounced “Eye-triple-E”), which stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The association is dedicated to advancing innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity and is the world’s largest technical professional society.

Davies was honored to be asked to do an interview about Induron. Here are some of the questions and his answers: Continue reading

Induron Goes Through Good Times and Expands

By David Hood, Induron President

In 1981, this company (then known as Indurall Coatings, Inc.) was still suffering from the economic gyrations caused by massive inflation. We sold off a building and land to raise cash. I know this because I did it.

In 2012, we bought it back for twice the price. Continue reading

The Learning Curve

By David Hood, Induron CEO

Junior AchievementBack in the 1990s, I taught a Junior Achievement class to eighth graders at Tarrant Middle School, here in the Birmingham area. This was not the “project” many people associate with Junior Achievement, but an actual 50-minute class once a week for an entire semester with curricula offered by Junior Achievement. The regular Social Studies teacher remained in the classroom to help, but it was truly a “teaching experience” for me.

Tarrant is a “working class,” mixed-race suburb of Birmingham, and my classes consisted of boys, girls, black, white, motivated, not-motivated kids, just as you would expect. Some were from single-parent homes and some were from homes with both mom and dad. But many of them hadn’t had the advantages that other kids their age have had.

I started teaching this class not knowing what to expect, but soon found that most of these kids were bright, inquisitive and really interested in economics and “home business” (how I described balancing a checkbook, creating and sticking to a budget, paying taxes and getting and keeping a job). Continue reading

Take me to your Leader (in corrosion control)

By Kendall Smith, Induron Sales Rep

Marvin the Martian

Did you ever notice that when the future is portrayed in movies (especially in dystopian sci-fi movies), nothing gets properly maintained? There are no corrosion consultants specifying abrasive blasting, containments, chloride removal, 3-coat coating systems, spray application, etc?

Perhaps in the future there will be limited budgets for all the elements of a successful coatings job that people have come to believe are necessary. However, those elements are not always needed for a great coatings project.

So what would I recommend to a post-Armageddon society to keep rust at bay while keeping inter-galactic costs low? Induron’s Induraguard 9200 and E-Bond! Continue reading